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The Little Jet-setter

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
At the age of 2, Angel boasts an incredibly long list of places she's been to. Switzerland, Iceland, Rome, Vienna, Hamburg, Vatican City, Paris, London, St. Petersburg, Barcelona. Yes, the list just goes on and on.
We like to call her the lucky baby because c'mon, she has set foot in more places than I had in the first 25 years of my life. Not that she is going to remember she did so, but the fact remains and thank goodness I always managed to capture sweet little pictures of her in each of the cities.
She has probably grown so accustomed to travelling, to flying on planes, to staying in foreign places and to exploring new sights every so often.
The little jet-setter
On some lazy mornings, I just feel like staying in bed and closing my eyes for a little longer. Well, which is virtually impossible when my girl wakes up, opens her eyes wide and for some reason, seems to possess even more oomph than the Energizer Bunny.
One morning, she grabbed my hand, yanked me off the bed and told me to follow her. I presumed she was going to bring me to the kitchen to make a bottle of milk, or to the living room so I could switch on the TV and let her watch her favorite Barney show.
Guess what? She brought me to the shoe rack, started to put on her shoes which she surprisingly accomplished by herself though with a little struggle, then looked at me with the most innocent pair of eyes and said:
"Mummy,  我们去 gai gai, ok?" (Mummy, let's go out and take a walk, ok?)
I was a little astounded to know that this was the first thing she did in the morning. But well, sure, darling. Only after you brushed your teeth and changed out of that Hello Kitty pajamas.
Just two days ago, we were in London and were going to board the plane back home.
Me: London 好玩吗? (Was London fun?)
Angel: 好玩! (Yes, it was!)
Me: 我们现在回家了, 好吗?  (Let's go home now, shall we?)
Angel: 不是回家, 去 Hotel!(No no, not go home, go Hotel!)
No dear, we can't stay in hotels every single night if not Daddy will go broke, ok?
Last night after dinner, I was engrossed in watching TV when Angel started to shout: 坐飞机, 坐飞机! (Sit on aeroplane, sit on aeroplane!)
I assumed that she was probably still stuck in holiday mode and couldn't get over our recent trips during the Christmas and New Year periods. But no, I wasn't planning to bring her on another plane ride yet, so she jolly well had to wait. 
Soon, she was giggling and cruising around the house, and it was then jw told me to look up.
The little jet-setter
There, my lovely girl was literally sitting on an aeroplane. It made us roll in laughter seeing her do that and I was once again amazed by how simple things can make kids so happy sometimes. You know what, so long as it brings a wide smile on her face and no damage to our pockets, she is free to do it for as long as she likes.
Maybe I would even join her and we would tour the world together.

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