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The Lion’s Fight

By Ninstravelog @ninstravelog

I wrote about Lion’s Pride a few years ago, as a blog post after my safari holiday in 2013 and a photo gallery about the Lions. We all knew when we go on a photography safari, sometime we were waiting and waiting for action, yet nothing happens. But when the action happens, it should not be missed; and it could happen without warnings. Yes, we will end up taking a couples of pictures at only a split seconds as each seconds could give different frames and in a couple of minutes and a couple of dozens’ frame later, the action’s over.  By the end of the day, we will end up taking hundreds of pictures.

The occasion above was one of the examples. A picture frame I took as 2 lions fighting over a lioness. I’ve explained in my previous blog on Lion Pride, those male lions are from the same pride. They fight each other, but not for long, only a minute or two. What happened within those couple of minutes was unpredictable. I just had to prepare my camera into the right setting mode prior to the action and wait behind the view finder of my camera. Once the action happens, I just have to press the shutter button like mad. The result was dozens of pictures at a time. Now, I still have hundreds of photos that haven’t been published, and I still love to look back at them. Today, I think I would like to share it with you for this particular Weekly Photo Challenge:

The picture above is a fraction of one minute of lions fight action and they look very symmetrical…. especially when I cut it into a certain frame. The truth is actually not quite so….

Before cropping

Bigger frame before cropping

More posts and info about the fight can be seen here and here.


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