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The Life of David

By Superinspire @nenadciric


“No cameras, no photos!” This it the only audio disturbance coming from security guards you’ll hear while admiring Michelangelo’s grand statue of David at Florence’s Accademia di Belle Arti (originally the statue was placed outside the Palazzo della Signoria, the seat of civic government in Florence in 1504). During my recent trip to Tuscany I did manage to snap this quick photo of the huge marble masterpiece, probably one of the most recognizable works of art in the human history.

When you examine this sculpture from close and notice all the details, it becomes very clear how much passion and dedication went into creation of just one of the artist’s iconic pieces. But looking at David can be a bit daunting, you might think “I could never create something so magnificent in my lifetime”. But the truth is you don’t need to create an art masterpiece to feel creative. Art is just one way of expressing creativity. When you think about it, sculpting and painting was simply Michelangelo’s job, only he was exceptionally good at it.

We are all creative in our own ways. Cooking delicious food; cleaning, decorating and reorganizing house we live in; being good parents, friends; sharing ideas, making the world a better place with our conscious decisions, doing the job you love and striving for your goals – those are all forms of creativity, all equally valuable.

Ultimately, shaping and sculpting life to fit your dreams is the highest form of creativity you can achieve.

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