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The Life of a French Language Learner Learning Abroad

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French is known to be the most romantic language ever known by mankind. Some people just find this language so fascinating that it becomes their reason why they choose to learn this language. Though some people chooses to learn French due to their personal, educational, and professional reasons, no matter what their reason is, French in itself is a language worth learning for—particularly when they choose to learn French in Switzerland.

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Switzerland is honestly a good place to learn French since the French language learning in this country has organized a series of language stages operating independently in years of study. This only means that in your first year, you will undergo basic things appropriate for your stage. In the latter years, you will be going to more specific details.

Would you like to know the details of your life when you choose to learn French language? Here are the features.

First Year

Basics are the most common things you will focus to learn more. You will follow a French language course where the fundamental skills of French like reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

The modules you will be tackling during your first year of French learning engage in Reading Culture, Modern French Culture, Elements of Linguistics: Sound, Structure and Meaning, The Making of Modern French, Applications of Linguistics, and Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.

Second Year

This year, you will then develop your practical French language skills in a higher level of proficiency. Here, you will be specific in relaxation to text handling and oral communication.

The modules you can choose for options as a second year French learner are Immigration, Race and Ethnicity in France, May ‘68 from 1968 to the present, Fiction in the Age of the Extremes, French Post-War Thought, and Exploring French

Third Year

Your third year in learning French language is spent generally in a French-speaking country. Here you might be a language assistant in a school, a student in a university, or in an employment. You can choose various locations, from Lyon, to Lillie, to Rouen.

Final Year

This is the easiest and the most specific year you will get to finish for your French learning process. Here, you will have the following final course module for an option: Flaubert’s France, (Re)reading Gender: Stories of Love and Desire in Contemporary French Culture, Vichy France: Memory, Ideology and Engagement, French National Identities, An Ambivalent Asylum, Literacy as Social Practice in the French-speaking World.

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