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The Liebster Award?

By Mediocremom @mediocre_mom

So I’ve been nominated for this Liebster Award thing a few times. I have no idea who started it, where it come from, or until recently, what it was. Apparently it’s some thing circulating through teeny tiny blogs with a teeny tiny number of followers. So because I fit the bill, and I like other blogs, and the people who nominated me, I thought, why not? Plus I can give you nonsensical details about myself, which I’m sure you’re dying to hear. You’re welcome.

Many thanks to Of Glass and Books and Hearthemusique for nominating me for the Liebster Award, for which the rules of acceptance are as follows: 


Answer the 11 questions provided.

Create 11 questions for the next nominees to answer.

Link back to the one who nominated you.

Choose 11 people and link them in your post.

Notify nominees.

Here are the questions provided to me by the other blogs. I did a mash-up of the two because I am too lazy to answer 22 questions wanted to be fair.

  1. Coffe or tea? If you have to ask, you obviously don’t know me at all. Coffee. Always coffee. I heart coffee and the way it counteracts the fact that once you have children, you will never sleep again.
  2. Where do you like to write? Wherever my children aren’t pulling on my shirt to get them juice, or find the Barbie’s other shoe, or get them a towel because they made “just a little mess.”
  3. Have you ever entered a writing contest? Egad, no. This is all for kicks and giggles. I didn’t go to school for writing, I just like being snarky and sharing stories about my kids breaking things and embarrassing me in public.
  4. Do you sleep well at night? I did once, long ago. Before June of 2013, I slept in my own bed, all by myself, where no one woke up me snoring/crying/puking/sneaking out of their beds. It was a glorious time of peace and tranquility. Then I got married and had kids.
  5. Favorite book genre? Mysteries. Is that a genre? I’m not a big reader, but I’ve hidden that from my kids so they would be.
  6. What is your favorite dish? This is impossible. I love to cook, I’m pretty awesome at it (brag brag), and it completely depends on my mood. Fettuccine Alfredo was the first thing I learned to make myself, and I have a secret ingredient, so we’ll go with that.
  7. Favorite book as a kid? Charlotte’s Web. I read it over and over and over again. That was before high school required reading destroyed my love for quality literature. Thanks, Jane Eyre.
  8.  If you were published, would you use a pseudonym? Heck no. If I managed to write an entire article/book/etc. that was worth publishing while wrangling my rabid honey badgers, I’d want credit for it. And I ‘d also want to own up to the fact that I was the master of all those parenting fails. Because let’s face it, that’s pretty much the only thing I know enough about to publish.
  9. Are you fed up with electronic devices? If by “fed up with” you mean attached to and dependent on, then yes, yes I am.
  10. If you had to give up an electronic device for a day, would you choose TV or phone? TV, hands down. There are tons of things to do besides watch TV, but my phone has everything: All of Goo’s appointments, all her doctor’s phone numbers, the family Google calendar, and all my contacts. I don’t actually know anyone’s phone numbers anymore. Sad, I know.
  11. Would you eat steak for breakfast? No. But I wouldn’t eat steak for any other meal, either.  I would totally eat coffee for breakfast, though.

Questions for nominees. I’m actually not really creative, so I’m reusing some of the ones I answered. Because I can.

  • Coffee or tea? (There is only one correct answer to this question.)
  • Did you work after high school, or sink irreversibly into debt and go to college?
  • Favorite food?
  • How did you get sucked into this whole blogging thing?
  • Pet peeve?
  • Favorite movie as a kid?
  • Are you Martha Stewart crafty? (If yes, help me. Please.)
  • One new thing you’d like to try this year?
  • Have you ever been published?
  • Are you sick of answering questions yet?
  • Too bad. Here’s another. What is your dream vacation?

And my nominees* are (Picture me saying that like do at award shows. Wearing an obnoxious dress that cost far too much money, and fancy hair):

  1. The Real Full House
  2. Accidental Stepmom
  3. Dear Young Mother
  4. Taking Candy from a Baby
  5. From the Bungalow
  6. Tilt the Pen
  7. The Pursuit of Normal
  8. Banana Wheels
  9. Grace for a Mommy
  10. Perpetually Loading
  11. Faking Picture Perfect

*Some of you have more than a teeny tiny number of followers, but I like your blog, so you made the cut.

That was far more time-consuming than I imagined. How come we can’t just be like, ‘I want to thank God, my agent, my personal trainer, and my three nannies for making this possible?”

I need to be on the red carpet.

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