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The Learning Advantages of Bilingual Babies

By Tlb

Redheaded child mesmerized.

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“The younger the language learner, the better.”

Many people are practically convinced how younger learners tend to be so amazing. Despite their early age and immature brains, they are very capable of learning languages—even faster than the adults’ learning pace. And of course, nothing beats the incredible charisma these kids have when they speak and write foreign languages. They’re just too good to be true, do you agree?

In relation to this, babies—which are younger and has a not-so-fully-developed brains are more receptive to learn French, Spanish, and other foreign languages. Just like this video embed below. This is a bilingual baby who both speaks German and English languages. Be amazed with how she utters two different languages in her very young age.

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Cute, isn’t it? Well, this is not surprising since researches convince that babies are indeed very amenable to absorb information and learning. Furthermore, “babies, who are being exposed to more than one language in the family, actually gain early learning advantages long before they start to pronounce their first words.” This is stated by some team of Italian scientists. “The new findings show that babies of bilingual parents quickly adapt to different learning cues when they are seven month old, before they have begun to formulate words, compared to the infants of parents who speak just one language in the household.”

Do you know that infants are absorbing some language basics before they can utter and pronounce words properly? In fact, as young as six months, babies can distinguish the difference between sounds from two quite different languages. Isn’t it amazing? Studies have shown already and it was proven and tested. A person can be bilingual as early as the stage of an infant.

So when these bilingual children grow up and soon enroll to a language school, they’ll certainly excel to their maximum potential. Would you like your own children to become bilingual as well? You can actually begin their learning by starting it to yourself. When you, a soon-to-be parent (or perhaps a parent already) chooses to learn a second language, naturally you’ll be teaching what you’ve learned to your children as well. You are actually the key for your infant’s lingual ability.


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