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The Latest Technology - The Invented Sea - How Far Behind Are We?

Posted on the 16 July 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
The Latest Technology - The Invented Sea - How Far Behind Are We?people always forget that TECHNOLOGY ISN'T MADE FOR 'OUR BENEFIT'.
it's made for PROFIT.
but it's also made as a stepping stone, during a potential-profit-making scenario.
take ProMIS: Prosecutor Management Information System from the Inslaw company, circa 1970. Promis had been around, in one form or another, for THIRTY YEARS before some clever/paranoid internet boffins attached significance of the 'people tracking' and 'database integration' software to The Ptech Company and the FAA and hence 'realtime management of datafeeds on FAA radar screens' during The 9/11 Event.
Why don't you people know about this? Was it made up as a Cover Story for some other aspect of The 9/11 Event, the Put Option action? The Office of Naval Intelligence bombing at the Pentagon? Just how many SMOKE SCREENS were live, on that day? The distribution of the Anthrax story to the press and media. The wrangling of the TV coverage and slow-release datastream on the day. And ProMIS could have handled all of them, in real time.
And that's your role, your loss, your burden. In fact, you pay for all this shit the elites use. Either by direct taxation for 'off books' projects, or at the Consumer end i.e. price point. It happens all the time, because there is Another World operating PARALLEL to this one. Whether you know of its existence or not. Sometimes, the technology is decades old, sometimes a hundred years old or more. And you'll have never heard about it - no matter how beneficial it might be to 'the human race'.
These OUT THERE technologies always exist, and it's only when The Industry can make PROFIT off of You The People that you get to know about them. Some great technologies are mere 'stepping stones' to 'some other product' e.g. the 'artificial sweetener' Aspartame (1965) was a waste product from Cancer Research Chemistry and Depleted Uranium bullets (1940s) are a by-product of the Nuclear Industry used for their heavier-than-gold momentum property.
Radar (1886) was a still SECRET WEAPON when it was first used to track Nazi bombing runs over The English Channel in 1940s. WIFI was invented in 1985 to track micro-black holes. Fibre-optics i.e. Tranatlantic Data Cabled, were invented in 1842. Tesla Direct Electricity Transmission Via Radio (1887) ... oh, that last one. Patented one hundred years ago but METERLESS i.e. TPTB (Oil Companies, Banks, Governments private and/or public) cancelled its commercial exploitation because there was 'no commerce' to be gained from it. It's 'electricity in the air' like a Radio Station. How can you METER that? Who would 'profit'?
And that (dear Economy student) is what technology is, "A method for the printing of money by the enslaver."
You think you've got your freedom, when in reality you're as imprisoned as the Roman Empire gladiatorial slave or Roman Empire army conscript - it's just that YOUR ARMY is a global Corporate War Machine floating upon a very weird and insane arbitrary financial system or 'justice system' that they invented.

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