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The Last Song (2010) Review

Posted on the 26 April 2013 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

The Last Song (2010) Review

When Ronnie and her brother Jonah spend the summer with their father, she learns a lot about the direction her life was going and how she can change it around when she must grow up very quickly.

I have to admit that I have now seen this film quite a few times, saw it on release at the cinema (still haven’t gotten round to reading the book though). I really do think this is the best Nicholas Sparks film from the past few years as it isn’t all just based on the romance it has a deeper story than just that. Don’t get me wrong it does play a pretty big part in the whole film but that’s not all that happens.

The story is very much about the father daughter relationship and trying to rebuild it before it is too late, after what seems like a struggle between the pair stemming from her parents divorce Ronnie does just not want to know her father anymore at all. She feels like he abandoned them, but it doesn’t really take too long for her to come round and reconnect with her father before it is too late.

The romance between Ronnie and Will is the typical Nicholas Sparks romance but it really was quite cute at the same time. I love them singing She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 in the car it really is just funny and feels real. Like a way that someone would actually act when in the car, I am sure I am not the only one who really goes for it singing along with the radio. Obviously Will’s mother does not agree with Ronnie dating her son and does not treat her well at all.

The thing with a Nicholas Spark based film you always wonder which character is going to die and how it is going to be made tragic, something which is no different at all in this film. But probably in a different way to how we are used to seeing it. So many little things add up to the bigger picture and seeing Ronnie grow into a young woman from being a teenager. A complete coming of age story in a well put together way. I also love the song over the credits and yes I will admit that I did see Miley in concert back in 2009! I think this song really fits well with the film and finishes it all off nicely.

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