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The Last Kiss Goodbye by Karen Robards

By Gpangel @gpangel1
THE LAST KISS GOODBYE BY KAREN ROBARDSMy rating: 3 of 5 starsThe Last Kiss Goodbye by Karen Robards is Random House/Ballantine publication, released in August 2013. I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Charlie, a psychologist and expert profiler that works with the FBI, also sees dead people. Right now she is being haunted by Michael, a man believed to be a serial killer. When a girl shows up at Charlie's home screaming that a man is after her and will kill her, Charlie is sucked into the hunt for the notorious "Gingerbread Man" killer. This killer is particularly sadistic. He kidnaps a group of people, then allows one to escape. The catch is that if you live, you will have to kill the other kidnap victims. Michael helps Charlie with the investigation and bugs the crap out of her as well. But, he also has her falling in love with him. Charlie fights to be normal and go out with Tony, an FBI agent that is attractive, and nice. But, Michael is always around doing his level best to keep anything from developing between them. Was Michael innocent of the crimes he was convicted of? Who is the Gingerbread Man and is he after Charlie and other psychologist as well? This is the sequel to "The Last Victim". I did not read the first book, and I can't really tell if one might benefit from reading that book first. I had the feeling all throughout this book that I was missing a key element in the relationship between Charlie and Michael. There is a love story between the two of them, but for me it was just flat. They argued and had  conversations that couldn't be completed because someone was always watching and Charlie would have looked like she was talking to herself. The mystery and investigation was also hard to get into. The culprit was pretty easy to figure out and the investigation seemed too rushed.<br />I was interested at times, but bored at others. There was maybe too much dialog and not enough action. This is not Karen Robards bet work in my opinion. It was enjoyable, but I have read much better from this author. But, everyone has a title here and there that just doesn't work for everyone. So, I'll give this one a C.
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