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the Lag B'Omer Closure That Should Have Happened

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The scenes from Lag B'Omer events last night against the regulations are getting tiring and repetitive. We saw the same scenes during Pesach and throughout the lockdown will illegal minyanim and funerals and weddings, etc.
Had the State imposed a full closure and lockdown, even if just Lag B'Omer night, as they did for the beginning of Pesach and for Yom Haatzmaut, as they were considering doing anyway, I am pretty confident that 95% of the problems would not have happened. Sure, there are still hot spots and crazies who would insist on breaking the rules, but it would be severely limited and would be nothing more than a minor issue easily dealt with by police who would not need to be spread out so thinly all over putting out small bonfires.
It was a stupid decision to not impose a closure and only ban bonfires. It just leads to more of the same, and I think we need new forms of excitement.
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