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The Krispy sKremes Squad is Here!

By Clari @clarisaysblog

The Krispy sKremes Squad is Here!

Krispy Kreme (Philippines) launched their Halloween doughnuts over the weekend. And let me tell you, these doughnuts look pretty spook-tacular and taste great, too!

I was able to grab two boxes yesterday morning at their branch at The Annex, SM North EDSA. I chose this branch because the staff here is friendly and nice making every transaction fast and easy.

Now going back. This year's Krispy Kreme Halloween doughnuts offers five treats collectively known as the Krispy sKreme squad. There's the classic Halloween Sprinkles, Choco Scare, Frankie, Jack the Pumpkin and Six-Eyed Berry!

So which one is the best?

That depends! I'm a chocolate lover myself but my favourite Krispy sKreme squad doughnuts are Frankie and Six-Eyed Berry. Frankie has a lovely apple taste with KitKat bar as bolts. I enjoyed it because it's not too sweet plus the flavour is quite refreshing for a Halloween doughnut. The Six-Eyed Berry monster obviously tastes like berry and this is sweet but very delicious.

As mentioned, I bought two boxes. I gave the other one to my younger cousins and I asked them which one they liked. Most answers I got were the classic Halloween Sprinkles, Frankie and Six-Eyed Berry, mainly because the last two looked spooky.

Would you like to try one yourself? Each Krispy sKreme squad doughnut costs PHP 55 🎃 But if you want to try all flavours and share with your family and friends, go ahead and grab a box for only Php 295. A box contains six doughnuts.

Happy eating!

Krispy sKremes Squad Here!
The Krispy sKremes Squad is Here!

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