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The Kotel and Kimcha dPischa

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
In case you previously had no idea, like me, but are interested to know, like me, the money donated to the tzedaka boxes by the Kotel get distributed via committee.
I just assumed all that money goes towards maintenance of the Kotel; cleaning, buynig new siddurim, chumashim, tehillim, chairs, bimas, kippot,and the like.
It turns out, according to Kol Hai News, that only 2/3 of the money collected in the boxes get used for general maintenance of the Kotel area (and other holy sites), while 1/3 of the money gets distributed via committee through the Ministry of Welfare to organizations meeting certain criteria and for helping the poor through "kimcha dpischa" programs.
I had no idea.
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