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The King Of The Golden Mountain

By Itellyouastory

There was once a  merchant who had  only one child, a  son, that wasvery young, and barely able to  run alone. He had  two richly ladenships  then making a voyage upon the seas, in which he had embarked allhis wealth, in the hope of making great  gains, when the news  came thatboth were  lost. Thus from being a rich man he became all at once sovery poor that nothing was left to him but one small plot of land; andthere he often went in  an evening to take his walk, and ease his mindof a little of his trouble.

One day, as he was roaming along in a brown study, thinking with nogreat comfort on what he had been and what  he now was, and was like tobe,  all on a sudden there stood before  him a little, rough-looking,black  dwarf. «Prithee, friend, why so sorrowful?» said he to themerchant; «what is  it you take  so deeply  to heart?»  «If  you woulddo me  any good  I  would willingly tell you,» said  the merchant. «Whoknows  but I may?» said  the little man: «tell me what ails you, andperhaps you will find I may be  of some use.» Then the merchant told himhow all his wealth was gone to  the bottom of the sea,  and how he  hadnothing left but  that little plot  of land. «Oh,  trouble  notyourself  about that,»  said  the  dwarf;  «only undertake to bring mehere, twelve  years hence, whatever meets you  first on your  goinghome,  and I  will give  you as  much as  you please.»  The merchantthought this was no great thing to ask; that it would most likely be hisdog or his  cat, or something of that  sort, but forgot his  little boyHeinel; so he agreed to the bargain, and signed and sealed the bond todo what was asked of him.


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