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The Kids Are All Right!

By Kate_miller
The Kids Are All Right!I was worried about my house plants, 
but they had a great time while I was gone.
Has this ever happened to you? After arriving home from a mind-boggling trip, you're filled with so many wild ideas on what to do next that you can't focus on a single thing? That's been my dilemma for over a week.
The Kids Are All Right!Under John's care, the truly dead Christmas Amaryllis made a fancy comeback. And, Amy's R.I.P. annual Geranium is happily doing the same darn thing!
I was staring at the ceiling, around 4 a.m., this morning, thinking about all sorts of stuff. Not the least of which is this whole jet lag deal and when, if ever, my sleep patterns might get back to normal.
Sleep deprivation didn’t bother me, the whole time I was in Italy. Perhaps that’s why I’m suffering doubly at the end of my journey.
The Kids Are All Right!Do you suppose he's feeding them beer?? Ms. Edna, the ancient Christmas Cactus, is sporting at least 100 new bright blossoms.
And, then of course, it’s winter here. After I’d spent an entire month drooling over the bright colors and luscious fragrance of Italy’s spring bulbs… we’re back to shoveling snow.
The Kids Are All Right!The flowers are looking better in my absence than they do when I am here.Under Sandy's sweet care I have 21 Butterfly Orchid buds preparing to hatch!
Snow ~ way more than jet lag ~ can mess with a passionate gardener’s perspective on life. Especially since I told myself on the plane that the second I landed I was jumping on that seed planting bandwagon.
Have you started seeds? Do tell! I smuggled a few seeds back from Luciano's farm. And, I know they made it through customs because I hid them so well, even I can't find them. 

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