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the Kashrut Alert That Shows the Days of Mashiach Are Not Quite Here Yet

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
There is a [famous] medrash that in the future (times of mashiach?), the pig will be kosher - there is debate what it actually means, perhaps the pig will begin to chew its cud and that will make it a kosher animal or perhaps it is an allegory for something else, but the medrash or Chazal say it in some way.
I do not know if we are in the times of Mashiach or not, but a picture went viral this past week of a package of ham steaks bearing the kashrut symbol of the Orthodox Union.
the kashrut alert that shows the days of mashiach are not quite here yet
It was obvious that this was either a mistake or a forgery. I did not find anything sensational about it. But now that the OU has issued a kashrut alert, which I guess they had to, I figure I will post it.

Kosher Alert: The Orthodox Union does not certify PICS Ham. Some packaging bears an unauthorized OU. This product is being withdrawn from the marketplace.

— OU Kosher (@OUKosher) June 8, 2021
The OU kashrut alert seals the deal that we are not yet in the days of mashiach.
While sometimes you will see kashrut certification on ham flavored products, that are artificially flavored to taste like ham, this says nothing about ham flavored, so it is clear this was not authentic. Even if you normally say "it is on the rabbi" or "it is on the hechsher" and as long as someone of authority says something is kosher you can eat it without asking questions and they can take the fall for it, this seems pretty obvious that you can't eat it and say it is on the OU.
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