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The Joys of Dieting

By Mochocki @mochocki

Let’s be honest here. Joy is not the first emotion that comes to mind when I think of dieting.

I think of hatred.


Every cake and cookie type confection that has ever been made.

Then I think about Jamaica, which is the reason I am getting into shape. My trip that will be here in 6 months.

The Joys of Dieting

Relaxing on our Honeymoon

I remember the beaches, landscape, and ocean. I remember the food. The people. The relaxing week we spent there on our honeymoon in 2010. And the bikini I was able to wear.

The bikini that has collected dust in the back of my drawer for the past 2 years.

After all of those thoughts, I’m happy with my choice to watch what I eat. I want to go back to that magical place feeling good about myself.

But it’s not easy. To say that I’m a carb addict is an understatement. Beside the occasional steak or chicken breast, carbs essentially make up my entire diet. The 3 P’s – pasta, pizza, and potatoes.

Ok, it’s not that limited, but that’s not the point. The point is I haven’t eaten those things in moderation.

That’s why I’m dieting.

And because I have those memories of Jamaica, I can handle it.

Celebrating the Little Wins

The memories are not my only joy, there are other little wins as well.

Like this weekend celebrating Father’s Day. We had 2 gatherings. The lunch meal at my aunt’s house consisted of chips, salads, and desserts. I passed on all of those “no-no” items. Supper was at a local steakhouse, who serves some of the best fresh-baked buns. They sat there on the table looking at me. And I looked back. I engaged in an internal debate. You know, “If I just had half, that’s better than a whole one.” But I didn’t.

I said no.

I won. The biggest joy of the day was finding my willpower.

And to put a cherry on top of it all, I lost 4 pounds last week when I weighed in. Well worth passing on the bread!

So to all of you out there who struggle with food, I will pray for you. I’m not healed, but I’m here on this journey with you. And to everyone else struggling with an addiction or bad habit, it’s time to change. No more waiting for tomorrow.

Now is your time.

Find your willpower.

Celebrate those little wins.

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