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Posted on the 13 August 2013 by Hughvw

I find the "TV" very addictive and a most useful introduction to this strange future America. The parts I find most informative and agreeable are known as "news." It was upon watching some of this "news" that I learned that the current president is resting [I know not from what endeavor] for two weeks somewhere called Martha's Vineyard but, sadly, it apparently has no link to my beloved wife. When I walked down the hill from Monticello I did see a huge structure named 'Martha Jefferson Hospital'. It pleased me greatly that she, who was often in such poor health, had been commemorated in this way. One of the puzzling things this current president does is play a game called "golf" and it is a complete mystery to me how he can fit in a game among numerous wars, crises and scandalous happenings.

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