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The Ipad

By Catty212
The IpadI'm fortunate enough to enjoy a few of life's little luxuries and recently I treated myself to one of the world's favorite little gadgets, the iPad. This mini computer has allowed me to ditch the bulky tower I had in the corner of my room and has certainly made life a lot more mobile. No, I'm not in any way saying this completely replaces a “regular” computer, but it's great for what I was using it for and I've been finding countless uses for it as I've become more exposed to it. So, what's going on with this great little device? Let's find out.The iPadFor those who don't know, the iPad is classed as a tablet computer. These are lightweight computers that operate exclusively on battery power when they're removed from the charger (although it's certainly possible to use the iPad while it's still plugged into the wall). They first became popular about five years ago when the idea was released into the marketplace and more users snapped them up; ditching their ‘un-portable computers for something they could bring on the road with them. 
The IpadIt's easy to see why this idea became so popular and is such a hit with my friends and me. I'm someone who's on the go constantly and don't particularly like using my phone to get online. The buttons are too small and I can barely see what's happening on the screen. The iPad solves this perfectly without adding any huge amounts of bulk to my purse.AppsIt's a word that's becoming so common in our day to day language. “Apps” are applications designed to run on mobile devices, which connect us to whatever we're after. Games, office software, movie players, and just about anything you can imagine (including virtual Christmas trees) are available as apps can be downloaded. Not all of these are free of charge, but I've found plenty to do on my iPad that hasn't broken the bank... just yet!
The Ipad One of my favorite things to do is play games online and roulette easily tops this list as it so simple; I just spend my time betting on odd and even. To begin with I did not know anything about roulette but I found a very useful casino roulette rules page online which led the way.FilmsSomething else that makes the iPad so popular with people is the ability to watch films on the go. Even the cheapest iPad holds quite a few movies in the collection, which makes it entirely realistic to have movie night on the road somewhere without the need to lug around discs or tapes for those who still use them!Battery LifeThis was the thing that completely trumped my phone in terms of getting online and doing things on the movie. My phone only gets a few hours of battery life while actively using it for sending texts, surfing the web, and getting on Facebook. However, this isn't the case with the iPad, which gets days worth of battery life at a time before I need to get it back on the charger. This is certainly helpful when I know I'm not going to be anywhere near a usable power outlet and will need to get online to check messages while meeting up with friends. I certainly can't rely on my phone to deliver this when I need it. With the iPad, I don't even think twice and know I'm going to be able to get online when I need to. Overall, a fantastic, versatile and worthwhile purchase!

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