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The Inexpensive Food That Keeps On Giving: Pork

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

What is about pork that makes it so versatile in everyday cooking? For households that eat pork meat, it can be a staple of many dishes. Most families are familiar with the typical bacon and eggs meal that can be prepared at any time of the day and night in a matter of minutes. It’s hard to think about it without salivating! 

If you love a simple minced meat and sauce dish, such as a quick homemade tomato sauce and mince recipe to go with pasta, pork is a go-to ingredient for a low-cost recipe that can serve the whole family. But there is a lot more to it than what first meets the eye. 

The Inexpensive Food That Keeps On Giving: Pork

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It can serve a whole family

As mentioned above, you can use pork in a variety of quick meals. It can also become the main element in your meal. While we think of minced pork or bacon, they evoke recipes in which pork acts as a supportive element to the whole dish. But with this slow cooker pork roast recipe here, you can give your pork loin the central role in your cooking. Slow-cooked meat develops flavors over time. A delicious roast can be a warm and comforting dish on a cool winter day. Pair it with some sautéed vegetables and a little gravy, and you’ve got a full meal with little effort. 

Did your pork cut have a bone?

What happens to the bones when you buy a cut that comes with pork bones? In most households, bones are either given to the dog (don’t do this! The bone can split and severely harm you dog), or put in the trash. But you can also cook them to make a deliciously nourishing broth. Bone broth is a typical base for ramen noodles. You can prepare your broth ahead and freeze it, and it’ll be ready to be used when you want a quick bowl of noodles. 

The Inexpensive Food That Keeps On Giving: Pork

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You’ve got some uncooked leftovers: Spice them up

Spices can completely transform a dish. Pork is superbly versatile as it accommodates a variety of spices perfectly. If you want Mexican flavors, you can combine it with chili and smoked paprika spices. For an Asian twist, you can add a little ginger and garlic to elevate your pork. A warm Mediterranean meal will mix warm cinnamon and pepper for a sweet and spicy taste. For an Indian dish, you can add garlic and turmeric to your pork. There are so many variations that can elevate your pork leftovers. It would be a waste not to try them all! 

Your rendered pork fat can be useful, too

If you’re one of those people who throw away the fat that comes out when cooking pork, you are wasting delicious flavors! You can recycle pork fat into a variety of dishes as a way of seasonal or adding a flavorsome confit edge to your ingredients. You can mix your bacon fat to mashed potatoes to transform them forever. In sauces, bacon fat enhances beurre noisette or hollandaise sauces with new depth. You can even try it in a slow roast to give a confit finish to your vegetable and meat. 

In conclusion, pork is one of the most inexpensive meats in your local grocery store. But it’s also one of those miracle ingredients that can be used and reused many times and in many different ways. For pork eaters: If pork meat isn’t already a staple in your kitchen, it definitely deserves to be! 

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The Inexpensive Food That Keeps On Giving: Pork

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