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The Incredible Love Story... Thierry

By Coreyamaro


Destiny: A big word that can describe the smallest of moments that could have an enormous impact.

Last year I was in Paris walking to a meeting when I heard someone call my name.


I looked around, thinking to myself, "Who do I know in this neighborhood that would call out my name like that?" Then added to my surprise a woman with an Australian accent came up to me, "Corey!".

I had no idea who she was, and felt confused as if I should know her, "Do I know you?"

Gael introduced herself telling me that she read my blog, recognized me and had to say hello. I was dumbfounded but happily so. I told Gael that I had a meeting to go to in fifteen minutes, but that I had time to have a hot chocolate if she wanted. We went to a cafe and talked as if we had known each other since childhood.

Fifteen minutes.

As Gael told me about herself I felt the Match Maker's flame ignite. Gael's words went over me, as I listened to something within, something in her eye, something that was beyond anything I could describe urging me... and with that I invited her to come stay with us in Provence, "... before you go back to Australia, you must come visit us in Provence, please, and when you do come plan on staying for a few days or a week, promise?! Come soon."

Gael's return to Australia was in mere weeks, but she did come and stay with us before she left.

As soon as I got home I told Thierry I had found someone for him. He looked at me with confused eyes as if I was saying, "Jump off a skyscraper, I will grab you from a nearby window, we will have a glass of champagne." I showed him a photo of Gael I had taken at the cafe, "...she is coming! I know she is. And I think you two will be a good match."

Thierry and French Husband looked at each other and shook their heads... I knew what they were thinking, and it wasn't what I believed, "You'll see!"

"She is returning to Australia?" Theirry reminded me.

"Yes," with conviction, "But she wants to live in France."

"But my English isn't very good." 

"That doesn't matter," I had experience with that, "...and besides she speaks French." I added though I didn't know if that was true.


Long lovely romantic story made short. After Gael visited us and met Thierry, she went back to Australia. The two of them wrote everyday for months, then Thierry went to Australia for two months and Gael came back with him before Christmas.

They are in love.

And I am offically a Match Maker counting number four.

The Incredible Love Story... Thierry
The Incredible Love Story... Thierry
The Incredible Love Story... Thierry
The Incredible Love Story... Thierry
The Incredible Love Story... Thierry
The Incredible Love Story... Thierry

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