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The Incredible Journey – by Duke

By Thesheltershack @sheltershack

The Incredible Journey – by DukeLife is a journey with lots of ups and downs. As we go on this journey, the path we take isn’t always the easiest one, even for us dogs.  But we trudge on because we know there’s a purpose and the turn up ahead will lead us to where we’re supposed to be.

My journey certainly wasn’t an easy one. The first two years of my life are a blur, but I do remember being homeless and my fur being badly matted. But I didn’t let that get me down. I knew there was someplace better I needed to be. I just wasn’t sure where it would be or when I would get there.

The Incredible Journey – by Duke

Duke's First Day Home - September 11, 2002

The first stop in my journey was at a rescue group. They cleaned me up and ridded me of those horrible mats. I was starting to feel better about myself and my future. I had a good feeling that things were looking up for me.

On September 11, 2002 I met my Mom. The problem was she didn’t realize that she was my Mom. She was there to meet other dogs. I had to act fast! I stood up in my crate and flashed her the biggest smile I could muster. She smiled back at me and said I looked goofy all shaved down, but I was still cute. Then she left the room to visit with the other dogs.

I was bummed! I thought for sure that I had won her over.  I chilled out in my cage thinking I had lost out on my chance. Several minutes went by and the next thing I knew, one of the workers came in to take me outside. I thought it was just time for my potty break, but to my surprise there stood my soon-to-be Mom waiting to visit with me! Woo Hoo!

We had a blast out in the yard, and I made her laugh a lot. She still thought I looked goofy, but I had officially won her over! She put me in her car and off I went onto my next journey. I never had to worry about being homeless again.

I was totally devoted to her and the family. Grandma and Grandpa spoiled me rotten! Mom took me to see them every weekend.  Two cats already resided in the family when I arrived. Shortly thereafter, Daisy joined the family, then Charm and then Franklin. Not to mention a string of foster dogs coming in and out of the house.

You could feel the love at every turn, and it was the best 10 years of my life. But sadly, if you’re reading this now, I must tell you that my journey must continue on in another realm. I am no longer on this earth.  My body just could not function anymore. Walking was difficult, and I could no longer get myself up from a sleeping position. My kidneys were shutting down as well.

Mom was very heartsick watching my health decline, but she did the best thing in the world for me. She got me to a vet and they helped my pain and suffering go away. I was able to cross the Rainbow Bridge. She was there for me in those final moments, just like she was there for me over the last ten years.

Her heart aches for me. But rest assured, even though I’m no longer on this earth, I will continue to watch over her now just like I did for the last ten years. Thank you to everyone that helped me on my journey to find my way home. I love you all.

The Incredible Journey – by Duke


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