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The Incredible Bias and Dishonesty of the Pro-Gun Zealots

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Mikeb302000
Why don't you and the other pro-gun commenters use the same logic you use on the unarmed drunk person who tries to enter the wrong house and gets killed for his trouble? About him you say if he didn't want to get dead he shouldn't break into peoples' homes. But for this poor persecuted gun owner we don't hear anyone saying if he didn't want to go to jail in NJ he shouldn't have "forgotten" his gun was in the car.
You see how you guys run. A gun owner shoots an unarmed person and you blame the person, like this one and this one.  When an Alzheimer's patient is stumbling around and gets killed, it's his fault, drunk teens mistaking your house for theirs, it's their fault. 
But when a gun owner "forgets" his gun on a trip to Atlantic City and you blame the laws of NJ. 
You refuse to hold fellow gun owners responsible for their actions. That's bias and that's dishonesty.

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