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The Important Role of Language and Society

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Language plays a very important role in our society; society where people interact to co-human. Seeing that different kin has different language; as a result, many consider studying certain lone language in Miami Language Schools for example or to any institutions within the community or overseas. This has been widely embraced by a large numbers of students all over the world, since language is one imperative gear to interact to others.

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Do you know that ‘Language’ is a unique gift of God to all mankind? Imagine the human civilization if there is no language, it perhaps may be impossibilities. Aside from being instrument of communication, it is also where every individual’s dreams, thoughts, relations, and communications start. This is why language is termed as the ‘species uniform’ of all human beings.

One leading language in the world is English, which in fact, in more than 6,000,000,000 people in the world there is roughly 350 million equivalents to 5 percent of people who totally speak English as their primary language according to the World Population Clock, apart from those countries who use English as their secondary language.

Currently, wherever part of the world you go, English course is in the curriculum of almost all educational institutions. On the other hand, as general, language notwithstanding the English serves in the development of a society in the subsequent ways:

  • It is a means of social tool for communication which is critical for anyone who want to network socially with the society.
  • Through using language, no one can understand with nature if without language. By means of language, a person may capable to receive and comprehend his purpose of life.
  • Language assists people understand the world’s culture and life styles as well active in other societies.
  • Language is the answer to share one’s feelings, emotions, ideas, and beliefs with other people, and that helps you gain knowledge.
  • Language is functional to any significant aspect of social structure. Its function is probably to have a distinguishing linguistic to corresponding person. So people belong to poles apart social classes in special social roles, as well as carrying on different occupations greatly affects the feature of language.

Thus language holds the extreme significant role in mankind’s service. It is considered as the forge in the growth of human civilization. Moreover, as recommended, take English course for possessing knowledge of this language gives you higher reputation to other countries.

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