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The Importance of Illustration in Car Design Education

By Luciano

The importance of Illustration in Car Design Education

Illustration by Luciano Bove

Dear friends,
recently I published on my FB page this old illustration I made while at Art Center College of Design. It was done for my Illustration course, a photo realism using gouache colors and brashes.
Several great comments about this work and I am happy about it, thank you!
Why was that Illustration course so important at school? I tell you why : with those exercises we learned about colors, tones, values, gray scales, cool and warm grays, composition on page, focal point, how to master highlights, how to work on details, how to reproduce reflections of background modifying slightly the colors to make them look real.
It took me about 40 hours to do it before presentation, it was not the best of the class because other classmates did even better.
You should all go through an exercise like this one before using colors on Photoshop because I believe it is the only way in school to get into colors' world to understand and master it.

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