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The Imagineer Blog Awards 2013: The Winners

By Imagineer @ImagineerTeam

These are the results for the inaugural, annual Imagineer Blog Awards, given to blogs in the following categories:

  1. Authorship blogs, which give tips and general advice to prospective authors.
  2. Book review blogs, focussed on book/ebook reviews primarily.
  3. Publishing blogs, focussed on advice on publishing and self-publishing.
  4. Part-work blogs, where stories are presented in serialised form for reading online.
  5. Poetry blogs, where poetry is presented in blog format.
  6. Photoblogs, where photography is the primary feature of the blog and may involve books/ebooks about photography or photo “gallery” books/ebooks.

1. Authorship blog 2013

The award goes to… drum roll please… Cristian Mihai.  Cristian has consistently helped authors through his excellent blog.  He is now reaching out to others in the realm of the Arts, through irevuo, an excellent online magazine.  Many congratulations, Cristian, and thank you for your tireless efforts.

2. Book review blog 2013

This award was extremely difficult to assign, with so many excellent review blogs out there.  In the end, the award has gone to Rabid Readers ReviewsWe were particularly impressed by the nice clean presentation of this blog.  Congratulations to Tammy Dewhirst, who runs the blog.

3. Publishing blog 2013

Another tough one.  However, one blog stood out, in the end: Self-Publish 101This blog provides an enormous amount of help and advice for all authors looking to self-publish.  Congratulations to the team behind this blog,

4. Part-work blog 2013

One blog sprang to the fore for this award: Unbound Boxes Limping GodsWhile the presentation of each part of the story leaves something to be desired (white on black in a small font is rather eye-straining!), nobody demonstrates more determination to continue to tell a tale as a part-work.  Congratulations to the author, Cheryl Moore.

5. Poetry blog 2013

The winner of the poetry blog isn’t a purely poetry blog.  It has been chosen, however, for the poetry it presents: TIPPR BlogCongratulations go to Tamara I, the blog owner.

6. Photoblog 2013

One blog rose above the competition with ease: sethsnap.  The breadth of the subjects and the beauty of the photographs is inspiring.  Congratulations to Seth Snap.

This has been a challenging process, and, as with all awards, we don’t expect everybody to agree with the choices made.  I would still ask you all to applaud the winners.  And remember – 2014 is another year!

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