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The Hypocrisy of Complaining About Netanyahu's Hate Campign

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
People on the Left have done a lot of complaining over the past couple of days about what they call Netanyahu's hate campaign that he waged in the final week of the election.
I would really just give them time to get over their loss. They are disappointed. They worked hard, but they lost. Defeat is hard to take. I can understand they are bitter, and if we just give them a few days, a week, things will get back to the normal level of complaining and hate rather than this elevated level we are currently at.
This morning I heard Tzippi Lini interviewed on the radio. She was talking about Netanyahu's hate campaign and how much damage he has done with it. The radio talk show host actually called her on it and pointed out that Hamachane Hatzioni and all the other organizations on the Left were campaigning all along also with messages of hate and anger and negativity, so it is not right to just blame or accuse Netanyahu of this.
Livni's answer was amazing. She was even willing to admit that their campaign was filled with negativity and hate (she was only speaking for her own campaign and not for the other associated organizations that ran their own campaigns).
Livni found a way, without even blinking to explain how their hate campaign was really different than Netanyahu's. Her hate campaign was ok because it is true. Netanyahu really is bad, she said, and did all these bad thigns to Israel. So it was ok to run a negative, hate-filled, campaign against him. Only Netanyahu has no right to get nasty.
And we can go back to others as well. Lapid ran a campaign that went back to being anti-haredi. Whenever possible he warned the country that Netanyahu will pay off the Haredim. The Haredim will reverse all his gains? The Haredim will steal your hard-earned money again. Even on election day, Yesh Atid sent out text messages to their contact list stating that people should get the vote out in higher numbers to counter the Haredim.
I don't like what Netanyahu said, but when everyone else is saying the same thing abotu everyone else, any one person's statement ebcomes less important.
They don't even see their own hypocrisy.
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