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The House of Lions Market

Posted on the 15 September 2017 by Darkwebnews @darkwebnews

The House of Lions Market Down or Up:

User Guide: The House of Lions Market

As an escrow market to the Agora Market, the House of Lions (previously known as LEO) is a relatively small darknet marketplace.

And while it is lesser known among darkweb circles, the market is truly promising.

If you are here to read this particular guide I guess you are ready to get into the world of dark markets. However, you should be aware what the journey entails and how you should go about it.

Navigating the hundreds of listings on the House of Lions Market is an incredibly simple task.

However, this simplicity comes at a certain cost-meaning you will not be in control of your funds.

Considering you have been looking for a guide like this one, you've probably already heard about the House of Lions Market.

Lately, the marketplace has been growing, so if you are looking for a way to access this site in particular, keep up!

How to Easily Access House of Lions Market: Step-by-step guide (9 easy steps)

If you need or want to get into the world of dark markets, the first thing you should do is know what you are getting yourself into.

If you wish to access the House of Lions Market or any dark market in global, it is inevitable that you approach the darkweb first. So, what is the darkweb actually?

One of the 3 layers the entire internet is made up is called the darkweb.

Besides the regular, "surface" internet and the deepweb, the darkweb is the secret, hidden part of the internet from which you can enter the House of Lions and any other dark market around the globe.

The House of Lions Market
The main difference between the darkweb and the typical internet is that you cannot access the darkweb from a regular browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

Furthermore, you must access the darkweb from an encrypted network. (An unencoded network means that if someone attempts to access your data, they will be able to do it, even if it is not permitted.)

An encrypted network is just like any other network. It's easy to use and has the same options. The difference is that the data becomes encoded as it is sent over the network.

In encrypted networks, every piece of data that is sent through the network converts into a code/chip (in the interest of securing the data and preventing any unpermitted access).

Furthermore, the darkweb empowers its users with the capabilities to discover the most interesting and forbidden stuff on the net.

However, if you want to access the darkweb, you must achieve a certain level of anonymity and security. To realize this, you should act in accordance with a particular line of activities.

First of all, you must know you cannot use your regular browser/software to enter the darkweb.

If you are ready to access the darkweb, you need to first download and acclimate yourself to a Virtual Private Network (or VPN).

This kind of software is capable to read the .onion URLs on the darkweb while simultaneously protecting your identity.

It is advised to browse the darkweb using a combination of VPN and Tor, to allow complete access to the darknet with the added benefit of having your identity doubly protected.

However, the feds and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are currently tracking everyone who's downloading Tor, so in order to secure your identity, stay secure, unharmed and untraceable, you must download VPN first.

So, what is a VPN?

The House of Lions Market
The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a method used to add privacy and security to networks (both private and public) in order to protect sensitive data.

This method functions by replacing the initial IP address of a user with another IP provided by the VPN service.

For example, subscribers of VPN providers can reach an IP address from any city the VPN offers.

It does not matter if you live in Paris, if you use a VPN it can appear you are living in Amsterdam (or wherever you want).

This network (which is a private one) is expanded across a public one and enables its users to use a public network like they are directly linked to a private one, creating a secure tunnel between two or more devices.

Your computer is located on one side of the tunnel and your desired located lies on the other end.

Be aware that not all VPNs are secure enough. You can have a VPN installed and still not be protected.

Choose your Virtual Private Network wisely and do it from a reputable site. The best VPN providers are found on

I highly recommend this website and believe you will find a suitable provider there.

After choosing one for yourself, you should download the program from the source. When the download is complete, close all programs running on your computer (including personal programs like Skype, Facebook, etc.).

You must do this in order to prevent a DNS leak. Then, be sure to fire up your VPN before continuing with this guide.

However, using a VPN will get you nowhere if you need to enter the darkweb.

There is a simple reason for this-the Virtual Private Network is not a browser, so if you are wondering which program will take you one step closer on your way to accessing the House of Lions Market, you are looking for Tor.

The combo of a VPN and Tor is considered a must-do in order to access any dark market. As I explained before, you cannot enter the darkweb by solely using a VPN.

But I guess you are wondering why using only Tor is not enough for covering your tracks?

Well, Tor has a simple method of functioning. It works in a procedure of adding layers of encryption to each network connection.

Each network (no matter which site in the world you are accessing/using) is made up of many links/routers which are connected in some sort of "chain." At each layer, an entry and an exit node can be located.

So, the role of Tor as an encryption tool is to add a layer of encoding/encryption at each entry node and at each exit node.

Even though it can lead only one link backward, if it starts to bounce back link-by-link it would lead the feds or ISPs to you (by tracing back to your location).

Therefore, you should be aware that Tor is made up to lower the possibility of tracking, and not completely erase your tracks.

The House of Lions Market
However, if you do have a VPN installed and fired up, and someone tries to locate you, it would take them nowhere.

Your IP address wouldn't be found, and you would be just one more person using a VPN for work purposes.

The House of Lions Market
Now if you want to download this browser (remember not to close your VPN), you can do it on the link below.

Tor can be spotted on this website, and you are able to download it from any browser and operating system (it doesn't matter whether you are using Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.).

After you complete the download, go over to the installation window. The program will take only a moment to install.

After it's complete, you can go ahead and fire up your Tor browser!

The House of Lions Market
It works just like every other browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) so you'll probably have no problem using it.

It features the identical options as every regular browser, but the difference is you have the ability to access dark markets through it.

The exact (legitimate) URL of the House of Lions Market is http://leomarketjdridoo.onion/register/856aeda2b30778

Remember that if you type this website on your regular browser, it will not lead you anywhere. You need to use Tor.

Do not get any dark market URL from low-esteemed websites.

Be certain you get the link of the House of Lions Market (or any marketplace in general) from highly regarded websites like this one.

After entering the URL into the search bar on Tor's interface, the link will lead you straight to the home page of the marketplace.

NOTE: Do not try to maximize your Tor browser windows. This is because darknet sites have the ability to figure out your monitor size, which could eventually trace back to your location.

Keep the browser in its original default size!

    The House of Lions Market

When registering on the House of Lions Market, you will need to create a username. As you can see from the picture above, the username section allows alphanumeric characters, some symbols, and so on.

The important part of this step is to be extremely careful when coming up with a username.

You must assure yourself to use a username that is completely new-something you haven't used before (not even on the other dark markets) and cannot in any way be traced back to you.

Recycling your existing usernames across new darknet sites is considered one of the easiest ways others can discover your individuality and track your location. The same rules apply for the password!

Also, be certain to remember your PIN code, or even write it somewhere safe.

Once this code is lost, your account cannot be recovered.

The PGP public key is one of the many encryption tools I highly recommend you use. PGP encryption is the standard for communicating on darknet markets.

In case the market gets seized by law enforcement, your conversations with vendors would be encoded and your location couldn't be traced.

The House of Lions Market
However, not all PGP public keys are safe, so be careful with your choice.

This section is optional, so if you decide to fill it out, go over to the captcha code and then -Finish Register-.

The House of Lions Market
Now, you need to go to the login page, enter your username, password and solve a captcha code once again. Then, you will be taken to the -Profile-.

To give your account an extra layer of security, you have the alternative to enable a -Two-Factor Authentication-.

You can find this option in the -Profile- section where all of the settings for your account are located. In order to get this done, you need to enter the PGP key you entered before and enable 2fa.

This layer of security grants you with the privilege to be notified if someone else tries to enter your account (register using your link).

This message can only be decrypted with your PGP private key.

    The House of Lions Market
    Search for a product

The product -Listings- are placed in the top left and they'll bring you to the market's front page. To find a product on the House of Lions Market, you have two options.

If you are certain of what exactly you want, you can enter the item's name into the search bar. The second option is to review the categories in order to see everything the House of Lions has to offer.

First of all, you should choose the category you are interested in.

In this case, the House of Lions has the following categories: Drugs, Services, Weapons, Guides & Tutorials, Counterfeit items and Other Listings.

Afterward, you need to choose a sub category and browse through the items directly below it. When you find something you like or the item you were looking for, I would recommend checking the item description.

There, you can find the vendor's name on the right of the item. You can see the vendor's feedback and recent comments, as well as the number of deals completed, the vendor's feedback rate, etc.

The House of Lions Market
Now that we're at the end of this guide, all that is left for me is to wish you the best of luck on the darkweb.

I believe you will find what you are looking for and follow the instructions above to stay safe, anonymous and encrypted.

The House of Lions Market


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