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The Horrid GRE

By Pearlmacek

Four hours of sheer torture. The English part, fine, I’m good at that but the Math part, oh dear! I’ve taken this horrid exam before and considering that I hadn’t taken a course for it, I still did horribly. I absolutely HATE standardized testing and I wish it would disappear off the face of this earth!

Alas, I must take the GRE again in order to prove myself worthy of entering University. I have to accept that me, as a person, ultimately is a number in the eyes of these Institutions. I have started an online course that guarantees to improve scores (might be tough in my case) and I have the time to really put my nose to the grind stone. All I need now is a little confidence in myself.

I watched the first video of the online program; it was about stress management. My virtual teacher explained how to channel my stress into something that actually helps me as opposed to making me an emotional and physical wreck. I did feel better after but that just might have been the glass of wine I was drinking. This test really has me in knots.

It’s not just the test either. I have to go through this whole application process. I have a goal of applying to 5 or 6 schools so that means three letters of recommendation for each institute, résumé, biographical essay,  the actual application form and having my transcripts sent from the University of Puerto Rico, which anybody from or who has been to Puerto Rico will know, is no easy task.

But I must have confidence in myself right? I can do this. Hopefully I won’t freeze on test day. Hopefully these math concepts will sink in. Why do I have to be so horrible at math!!

Only time will tell I guess.

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