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The Honorary Jew Donald Trump

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Donald Trump is running for the position of President of the USA. Currently he is competing in the primaries of the Republican party. If he loses there he might continue competing as an independent.
Trump has been very pro-Israel.
More than that, Donald has a daughter, Ivanka, who converted to Judaism and married a Jewish, Orthodox, man.
The Honorary Jew Donald Trump
And now, I just discovered, Donald Trump's son, Eric, who is not Jewish and has not converted, just married a Jewish woman, television producer Lara Yunaska.
source: JPUpdates
With all these connections, Trump has to be the candidate that is most connected to the Jewish people.
I think all this should make Donald Trump an honorary Member of the Tribe and give him status as a Jew (honorary) for the purpose of the elections. And then, no matter how crazy he is or how crazy his proposals are, a majority of US Jews would have to vote for him.
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