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The Hickey Freeman Spring-Summer 2016 Collection in Review

By Attireclub @attireclub

For their spring-summer 2016 collection, New York based menswear label Hickey Freeman opted for a dynamic, but very luxurious aesthetic.

The collection, which was released during the first installment of the New York Fashion Week: Men Spring Summer 2016, worked with six concepts that they connected with care. These are the Traveler, Tasmanian, Super Merino, Summer Blends, Portraits and Bespoke. This way, the Hickey Freeman man can go from the office to the park to the dinner with ease. The collection, which explores the idea of "kinetic energy", contains styles inspired and created for the Hamptons, Battery Park and Manhattan.

In fact, the six themes we mentioned before were explored in three mini-collections integrated in the main collection. In this sense, the Hamptons collection is more soft and casual. It features washed fabrics, which were nevertheless luxurious (silk, linen, washed suede, etc.). These were used for the evening clothes of the collection.

The Battery Park collection represented an update of the classic suit. For this mini-collection, the label used a beautiful sapphire blue fabric and very elegant dove grays.

The third mini-collection, the Manhattan Nights represents an update to the whole idea of the formal look. One element that needs to be noticed in the collection is the way in which the brand worked with denim inspired evening wear. The tuxedos created from denim and the denim jacquard dinner jackets were truly impressive.

The colors featured in the collection were fresh and were based mostly on shades of blue, but the label also worked with numerous neutrals.

One thing we really love about the collection were the fine details: the accessories (scarves, pocket squares, ties), as well as the subtle use of patterns, which went really well with the neutrals and completed all the looks. Also, seeing a double-breasted jacket was like a breath of fresh air as well.

This collection set out to be a luxurious experience and Hickey Freeman has managed to pull it off with their dreamy clothes.

Our conclusion is that the Hickey Freeman spring-summer 2016 collection goes to show that in 2016 a man can look great in a classic suit.

With so many things going on: three mini-collections integrated in one, six topics explored in a great and fresh aesthetic, and with a classic and clean aesthetic, Hickey Freeman managed to create a collection that can go from coast to coast for every man who wants to look great, polished and refined.

Take a look at some of our favorite looks from the collection and see our comments on the outfits and pieces:

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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