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The Heavy Eyes - S/T EP

Posted on the 28 September 2012 by Ripplemusic
The Heavy Eyes - S/T EP
An onslaught is coming.  It rides a wave of massive, blood-hungry fuzz and a rhythm section that is dead set on force-feeding that bass and drums right down your gullet.  The Heavy Eyes ride an oceanic wave of distorted guitars through a current smack dab between chunky garage pop and thick stoner mania. 
Sure, there are lots of bands like this out there, but the Heavy Eyes do it all just a bit better than most.  For me, I don't care how heavy the riff or massive the fuzz, what keeps a good song together always comes down to melody and groove.  The Heavy Eyes, got both, in spades.  "Yoytek" brings on the groove right off the bat, that massive wall of fuzz locking right onto the late-60's garage groove tighter than a pitbull with lockjaw.  Timely breaks for vocal hooks, and a sultry, porntastic vibe make this song a feast for my ears. 
"5%" comes on all mutated, psychedelic distorto-guitars and crash, before losing itself in a miasma of swirling smoke and strobe lights.  Mid-tempo, we're truly lost in stoner heavy here.  I can see the lava lamps and smell the acrid smoke as things get dirty on a beanbag.  Lusty and wet.  This is as much sex as I've felt in a heavy psych in a long time.  "Pinwheels" ups the pace and the rock, with dual guitars of fuzz cutting the way for that drum sound to beat me senseless.  Still, a 60's garage vibe rules underneath the assault.  These guys just know how to write a song, that's all.  "In Need" wraps it up by sinking into a scummy sinkhole of doom-laden heaviness and blackness, from which I may never escape.  Dig the near freeform jamming that kicks this off and just pray it's available on vinyl.
Quality stuff all the way around.
And it's a free download.  Check it.

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