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The “Heaven’s-Eye-View!”

By Caryschmidt

Looking into a fog? Struggling to see a solution? Confused, frustrated, wanting God to “make the crooked places straight?” Facing a difficult decision? Trying to untangle a messy place in life, marriage, family, or ministry? Is it complicated?

Be careful. Wait. Step back. Breathe. Pray.

Pray some more.

Respond—don’t react.

Oh, how we hate to wait.

But we can’t pray if we don’t wait. Waiting precedes praying. And praying precedes peace. And peace precedes insight. And insight precedes right decisions. Wait, pray, peace, insight, decision—in that order.

Let the peace of God rule in your heart. Be still and know that He is God.

The circumstances—the fog that blinds you isn’t all that you think it is. The emotions that cloud your way exaggerated in this moment. There’s another view of your present circumstance. A higher view. A broader view. A wider perspective.

There’s a “heaven’s-eye-view.”

God sees beyond your fog. He knows every possible outcome of every possible option. He knows all of your options—options you don’t even know you have. He sees it all, understands it all, and offers His view to you.

It’s called wisdom. He says, “Ask for it and believe.” He will give it to you freely and abundantly.

Heaven’s wisdom will be brought to bear in your immediate need!

But to see the Heaven’s eye view, you must do something very difficult. You must wait. You must avoid the impulse—crush the urge to react. You must quench the need to control or to enact immediate solutions. You must restrain your escapist tendencies—the impulse to pull the first ejection seat lever, to slide down the first escape ramp.

Wait on the Lord. Stablish your heart. Yield to the Spirit. In all thy ways acknowledge Him—and He SHALL direct thy paths.

Don’t react. Don’t rush. Don’t give in to desperate cries for immediate information and solutions. Don’t trust yourself. Don’t dare rely in the very shallow pool of your immediate context and limited intellectual resources— not when you have access to eternal wisdom!

Don’t enact your quickest human solution and rubber stamp it “God’s!” That’s a game.

Wait. Breathe. Pray.

Pray some more. Read the Word. Listen to God.

Listen some more.

Call upon the Eternal God of all wisdom. Consult the universe’s Designer, life’s Creator, humanity’s Owner and Builder. Acknowledge Him. Cry out to Him. Ask for wisdom.

“God, I’m confused. Perplexed. Flummoxed! I don’t know what to do. I don’t see what you see. I don’t know what you know. I need YOU! I need your wisdom.”

He’s ready and waiting to respond to the prayer. He’s EAGER to—but only in His time. And when He does, your decision will be different. Your frame of reference, your context, your perspective will adjust to His. Your process for arriving at a conclusion or a solution will be different. Hence the steps you take, the decisions you make will take you down a different path to better outcomes.

You will see and do the wise thing. You will never regret doing the wise thing.

Want to see beyond the fog? Want to view beyond those walls? Around the next five bends in the road?

Then you want the heaven’s-eye-view.

And it’s yours if you simply wait… and ask!

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