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the Haredi IKEA

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
So it looks like the new IKEA Eshtaol (just outside of Bet Shemesh) will be opening this coming Sunday.
In the article announcing the opening on a local Haredi news website, the branch is described as "the haredi branch" of IKEA.
So, I would like to know, is this IKEA branch really a "haredi branch", and considered such by IKEA, whatever that means, or is it just the Haredi news site playing to its readers?
What does "Haredi branch" even mean? Other branches have a mehadrin hechsher in their cafeterias, so I don't think a mehadrin hechsher would be enough to dub it the haredi branch. Perhaps separate hours for men and women - doesn't seem likely? No pictures of women in the store signage and whatnot? What else might make this a Haredi branch? perhaps it is just the proximity to Bet Shemesh that qualifies it as being called Haredi?
Basically, is this description of the branch one used by IKEA or is it a creation of the Haredi website playing to its readership?
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