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the Haredi Car in the Jerusalem Light Rail Trains

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The following flyer has been tossed and passed around Haredi areas in Jerusalem..
the Haredi car in the Jerusalem Light Rail trains
The flyer complains about the lack of tzniyus, especially in the summer months, on the light rail lines in Jerusalem. It calls upon the Haredi community to have a self-imposed segregation on the rail with people boarding and riding specifically in one car of the train, the first car of the back half of the train. The flyer calls for people to not cause any chilul hashem but to do this pleasantly. By doing this and having all the bnei torah there, automatically there will be more tzniyus and purity.
As long as this is not being imposed and remains voluntary and each person decides to do this and participate, there is nothing wrong with it. I hope they won't start shouting at other people that they need to switch cars and this is the Haredi car and things like that. As long as it remains voluntary, all is good.
It also does not say this car is for men only or women only and the other gender should go to a different car. Hopefully it means this will not be forcing gender segregation.
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