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The Hanger Hamper

By Bgme @babygearmom

No wire hangers (in landfills, that is)!!  Okay, not to get all Mommy Dearest on you, but trying to make a point here people.  Did you know billions, yes BILLIONS of wire hangars end up in landfills each year?   I get it – they can be a pest to organize.  The Hanger Hamper is a handy closet tool to help you out.

Perfectly shaped to easily stack, the Hanger Hamper helps you keep unruly hangars at bay.  When you fill the hanger, just tote it to your local cleaners to recycle. Each trip will help cut down that landfill number!  The hamper straps make it easy carry. It collapses too, when not in use. You can buy the Hanger Hamper in four styles: khaki (pictured), eco-green, leopard and plaid. Buy two to also organize the excess hangers you want to keep. $10 at


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