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The Haney Project - Michael Phelps

By Eatsleepgolf @eatsleepgolf
The first episode of The Haney Project with Michael Phelps aired this past Monday on the Golf Channel, and I can already tell it's going to be an awesome series. Even more so than past seasons, I'm particularly excited for watching how Phelps is transformed from a world class swimming into a golfer who can hold his own on the course.
Have you ever thought to yourself... I wonder how good I could get at golf if I was able to get out and play every day?  As someone who is able to get out once per week, twice if I'm lucky, I for one have thought this many times.  Through this series, I feel almost as though I'm living vicariously through Michael Phelps as Hank pushes him to his golfing limits to see just how good he can become.
With an lifetime best score of 91, I'm curious how low Phelps will be able to go by the end of the series.  In a media call last week Phelps told us "I have friends who play as a scratch golfer, and for me it would be exciting to be able to get down to where I could compete with them."  I think breaking into the 80's is an inevitable outcome, but then what... low 80's?... 70's?   I guess only time will tell. I'm already looking forward to the next episode which airs Monday, March 4th at 9ET on Golf Channel.
Here's a few clips for your enjoyment, including The Haney Project intro, the plan ahead for Michael Phelps and his unbelievable 50 yard putt.
Getting Started
Phelps Makes a Plan
Phelps Drains a 50 Yard Putt

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