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The Guru Poojas Start

By Luphil

Continuing the blog-post from Jan. 10th.: When returning to the Guru Pooja compound from the afternoon-nap in the palm forest the dais with the altar was ready, the chairs were all standing in rows and the chasing LED-lights at the roofs gave the impression of hosts of devas rushing to finish teh preparations on the subtle planes. We also rushed to the front to put up the equipment for translations. (I had the laptop ready, but the voice of our Indian brother translating was so low that, though I was sitting directly in front of him, I couldn’t hear, just the voice of Dorle giving the German translation, but when trying to write, I was too far away to follow. So I only got a few notes…)

At 5 PM Sri Kumar and Kumari-Garu arrived in the back to conduct a little ritual of lighting the butterlamps at the Ganesha statue in the back of the hall – the elephant-headed God, my special friend, is always being worshipped first – to clear off all obstacles and allowing expansion of consciousness.

And when the hymns and the OMs of the evening prayer started, I thought, yes, there it is again, the typical marvelous Guru Pooja feeling, so uplifting and inspiring, which makes me come here all the way to be in this presence. Experiencing the energy of the Masters is something thrilling which words cannot convey.

The Guru Poojas start

In the evening a quick dinner, then back into the busses to go back to Visakh for a short night.

I din’t sleep well. Was it the Indian tea, was it the energy of the Guru Poojas? No matter, there will be plenty of time during the day to relax and bathe in the energies, I thought.

I got up at three, took a shower and did my asanas – while the bathroom was busily used one after the other… My netbook was still sleepy when I tried to answer mails, format pictures and post an article for the blog… I finally arrived with the blogpost, some minutes before leaving. But when sitting in the bus I realised that the transformator still was in the room and that the netbook had been running on battery, which was down. OK, I thought, today I will have to use my “note-book” in the old-fashioned pencil-style. And type the notes later…

Meditation, lecture breakfast. And then there was the initiation of children into first writing and intonating the mantram OM Namah Sivaya, for a better control of the senses when regularly sung.

The Guru Poojas start

Afterwards the fire ritual started. I will continue with the post tomorrow… We are leaving soon fromt he retreat center.

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