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The Guide to Wet Shaving

By Attireclub @attireclub

The Guide to Wet Shaving"Wet shaving" refers to the act of shaving with classic tools, such as a double or straight razor, a shaving soap or cream and a shaving brush. Alternatively, some men understand by "wet shaving" the idea of shaving just with a blade while your face is wet, without actually using any products.

Even though wet shaving has taken a back seat since disposable, multiblade razors have become popular, there are still many men who prefer shaving with classic tools and by using a classic method.

In this guide, we break wet shaving down and look at the things you need to get a close wet shave, at where to shop and at what the advantages of this classic technique are.

For a proper wet shave, you need:

A razor

Manual razors fall into two categories: straight razor and safety razors. Safety razors are also divided into more categories such as: double-edged razors, single edge, injector razors, cartridge razors and disposable razors.

For a close wet shaving experience, you need a double or straight razor.

Shaving soap or cream

Shaving soap is quite different than foams or gels, as you need to whip it into a lather using a shaving brush. The lather protects and lubricates the brush during the shave, which is why it is important to apply enough of it, but not too much either, as you risk losing sight of the process.

A shaving brush

The Guide to Wet Shaving
Shaving brushes appeared in the 1750s in France, where they were called "blaireau", which translates as "badger." As the French name suggests, the hair used for shaving brushes is badger fur, but horse hair is occasionally used as well. In the case of horse hair brushes, the hair is taken from a horse's mane or tail, therefore the animal is not harmed in any way.

A post-shave product

Post-shave products refer not only to after-shaves but also to gels, balms or powders. Aftershaves exist since the times of ancient Rome and have developed a lot since. Today, some aftershaves contain alcohol, while others do not; some utilize more fragrance or essential oil to enhance scent, while others are not very perfumed.

When speaking of post-shave products, it really comes down to your preferences, whether you want something with or without alcohol or something that has a special scent or not, but our advice is to always look for something that contains a natural moisturizer, as peeling your skin with the razor will cause it to loose important moisture, which needs to be replaced.

Of course, one of the main challenges you might face when wet shaving is not necessarily the process of shaving itself, as much as finding the right products. Many stores don't even sell shaving brushes or classic razors anymore. This is why it might be very hard to come by a series of products that will help you get a great wet shave. Our recommendation is West Coast Shaving, a shop that offers a wide variety of classic shaving tools that have been adapted in terms of design and technology for the modern man, without compromising the quality of the shave. In their shop and on their website, you can find everything from brushes to soaps; aftershaves and complete shaving kits that will help you have a better shaving experience.

For a close and quick shave, you can follow these simple steps as guidelines:

1. Before you start, make sure you hydrate your face well. If you have particularly rough whiskers, you can try shaving after you have taken a shower. In case you don't have time to take a shower, you can apply a towel with hot water on your face or a towel that has been heated in a special device

2. Apply the cream or soap all over the area covered by your beard

3. Hold the blade firmly, but gently and start shaving by using light strokes on small areas. Don't force the blade too hard, this might cause you to injure yourself. Razor blades are usually extremely sharp and can cause serious bleedings if you are not using them carefully enough. Be especially careful around your neck area. When you are shaving, make sure you check out the direction in which your hair grows, and shave in that direction. If you want to go against the grain, you can try to do it afterwards, to get a smoother shave, but with classic razors, it probably won't be the case. Regularly rinse your blade to make sure it's clean, but don't tap it, as it might become dull

4. When you are finished, clean up with hot water and then with cold water. Hot water will open your pores and all the dirt will be able to come out. After that, the cold water will close them, making sure no other dirt will enter your pores. Once finished, apply after shave or another product and you are all set

There are three main advantages of wet shaving:

The cost

Wet shaving is actually less expensive than using mainstream shaving devices. A razor cartridge costs on average $2.5, while a razor blade costs on average just $0.10. Once you buy a good razor, you won't need to buy another one any time soon and all your expenses will be represented by your cream soaps, after-shave and other necessities.

Closer shaves

Using classic shaving techniques will definitely result in a closer, smoother shave than with a multiblade. Moreover, shaving with a safety razor means that you will be using just one, strong blade, and therefore, you will have fewer rashes, less redness and less ingrown hairs than you would if you would shave with a 5-razor blade or an electric razor.

It's environmentally friendly

Wet shaving produces far less trash than other types of shaving. Regular shaving produces tons of plastic and metal residues, from both the blades and the packaging, as well as from aerosol shaving cream cans. Wet shaving only utilizes small pieces of paper which surround the blades and once you are done with a blade, you are going to throw it out, but the overall amount of residue is significantly smaller.

Wet shaving can be a great grooming experience. Many men who have tried it were so impressed by it that they decided to stick with it! There are many men who have found it to be such a great ritual, that they don't even consider shaving daily a chore. We recommend to try it out at least three times in case you are not convinced from the first try, and who knows, you might want to keep on shaving in a new but very classic way.

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