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The Growing Popularity of Microblading Course and Why You Should Take It

By Huntsends

Women have always loved to look different and exude a sophisticated look, whether with their clothes or hair or makeup. Women all around the world tend to be quite particular when it comes to hair and skin. You may have seen women using dozens of cosmetic products to look beautiful and distinctive.

What is Microblading?

After every few years, few fashion trends get pretty popular. One such growing trend these days is 'Microblading,' which is a permanent tattoo on the eyebrows. The process is known by many different names, such as 'eyebrow embroidery,' 'micro stroking,' and eyebrow tattooing.

The process involves inserting colored pigments into the skin from design and shape according to the client's choice. Some of the tattoos that people like to insert on the skin tend to last for quite some years, but microblading results in a semi-permanent tattoo.

The eyebrow microblading involves using a small tool that has minute needles that are essential to draw delicate lines and insert the colored pigment. Primarily a tattoo gun is used to carve a tattoo which can be discomforting for most individuals, particularly women.

On the other hand, the use of tiny needles may seem awkward at first, but the different pigments help to give a realistic look and keep the skin soft. The dye particles in the microblading ink are less concentrated than standard tattoo ink and fade away after some time.

Usually, the microblading can last from 9 to 18 months, but the longevity depends on the individual's skin type. The common practice is to perform a microblading procedure and then come once every year to retouch. Many women and young girls have thin eyebrows and like to enhance their eyebrows by undergoing a microblading procedure.

Why Microblading Course Trending Nowadays

Many young individuals are always eager to learn and perform new things. Applying makeup was previously thought to be a job of a female, but now men actively apply makeup on women's faces. Today, we live in an information age where one can pursue anything he/she desires.

We live in a modern world where options are plenty when it comes to pursuing a career. A few decades ago, many people had to change their career paths, but now most can change their passion into a profession. For example, Course Microblading Montreal allows you to become an expert Microblading artist and enhance eyebrows.

Microblading is one of the best non-invasive treatments for individuals experiencing loss of eyebrow hair due to alopecia or chemotherapy. Microblading is gradually becoming a popular field, and the average salary ranges from $50,000 to $80,000. The Microblading industry is valued at $7 billion and is expected to grow at 40% in the next year.

Just like all facial enhancement procedures, microblading is also a delicate process and requires tremendous skill. A microblading course is one of the finest ways to learn how to form beautiful eyebrows by using the most innovative technology.

You can study the microblading course and open your beauty salon or work as an expert in some popular salon. The course is focused on practical knowledge and the emphasis on learning the best technique and tips to insert semi-permanent tattoos.

The Reasons to take Microblading Course

The microblading course is increasingly popular after more and more people are looking for safer alternatives to tattooing or extensions. Becoming a certified expert will open a world of opportunity with the prospect of high-paying salaries.

An important reason to take the microblading course is to have the ability to enhance the eyebrows of people who have thin eyebrows. The standard methods such as permanent makeup and penciled in-brows are easily noticeable, but only a professional can notice microblading.

Many of the women wishing to have gorgeous eyebrows will thank you for the service and recommend it to others. Conventional makeup takes a lot of time, but microblading training can help you enhance the eyebrows within minutes. Also, traditional makeup tends to fade and is not long-lasting, while microblading can last up to a year.

A salon promising to offer valuable service to customers will highly respect your services. The reason is that microblading is not a painful procedure, and most clients will be more than happy about it. Saving valuable time and, most importantly, giving comfort will make clients more than satisfied with the service.

The microblading course will make you professional and allow you to follow each step in a meticulous way. You will know how to take measurements of the eyebrows and the face. You will know which pigments will suit a client according to his/her skin. The new trend is asking the client for a customized tattoo. The client can provide the details on the type of enhancement they are looking for.


In just a few years, microblading has become one of the most common and popular procedures for enhancing eyebrows. Microblading is a non-invasive and safe treatment for not only women but also men who have their eyebrows removed due to chemotherapy. The microblading course will help you excel in inserting the strokes evenly and according to the client's wishes.

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