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The Greatest Hits (2024) Review

Posted on the 20 May 2024 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Harriet Gibbons travels back in time through listening to different songs and allows her to see those romantic memories of her deceased boyfriend, with this will she actually change the past to give a better future?


Two years after the death of her boyfriend Max, it is something that Harriet still cannot come to terms with after he was cruely taken away in a car crash. Her emotional recovery is proving to be horrendous and she finds out she has the ability to travel back in time to still be with him when listening to different songs that happened in that moment.

Due to the nature of this happening when certain songs trigger her it looks like she is having a seizure to those around her, so she constantly wears noise cancelling headphones when out in the world.

She sees it as a chance to save Max’s life but no matter what she seems to do and try that just cannot happen. Through a grief support group she meets David Park and this would actually change everything for her, although attempting to explain what had been happening to her with triggering songs was never going to be easy. Or something that David would even believe of couse, because quite frankly why would he?

I felt as though the concept and ideas about songs being triggering and transporting you back to that moment in time was very interesting. Let’s face it we all have songs that remind us of a time period and usually a person within that time period, which had me totally go all in with the film. Although it did go in a different direction than I expected it still had plenty going for it in raising ideas.

The leading trio of Lucy Boynton, Justin H. Min and David Corenswet worked well throughout the film together and certainly don’t do anything wrong when it comes to the different scenes.

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