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the Great Garbage Rebellion of Mea Shearim

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The following pashkevil went up on the walls of the Mea Shearim area... it is protesting the increasing chilul shabbos around the country, especially in Jerusalem, with additional bus lines going into operation and an increasing number of stores opening for business, with municipal money being spent on chilul shabbos activities.It has even reached the point with the city providing its cleaning and garbage collection services on Shabbos itself in a number of areas such as in the Mahane Yehuda area.
Because of all that, the writers are calling for a garbage rebellion. Anybody who holds Shabbos as valuable will take his garbage out and place it in the streets rather than in the garbage bins and leave the garbage in the middle of the lanes. This will be an expression of protest that is measured, mida knegged mida.

the great Garbage Rebellion of Mea Shearim

from tweet by Shlomi Heller

Throw the garbage in the middle of the streets? To me it just sounds like every other protest and rally they hold  out there in that part of the world...
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