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The Great Burekas Reform of 2013 Being Frozen

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
People really have a poor sense of priorities...
While some are up in arms over the possibility that Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau might have cheated on his Rabbanut certification exams, and others are up in arms over the revelation that Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau made a deal with the Haredi parties that he would follow Rav Elyashiv's rules for conversions and consult with, or even appoint Rav Sherman to run the conversion show in exchange for their support in his election campaign... and yet others are up in arms over the possibly racist statement Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau made regarding some basketball players.. (wow, he has really gotten off to a controversial start!) people are really missing what is really important...
The end of the Great Burekas Reform.

The Great Burekas Reform of 2013 being frozen

dairy? pareve? who can know?

After much investigation, the Rabbanut recently announced that it is reforming the Burekas market that has gotten out of control. With the increase in the types of fillings and flavors, the Rabbanut lost control over the shapes of the burekas (as ridiculous as this sounds) and has figured out a way to standardize the shapes so that nobody will mistake and confuse dairy and pareve burekas.
when announced, many thought this was a great idea. It will help prevent people from accidentally eating dairy burekas after a meat meal! Wonderful! many others thought it was ridiculous - the Rabbanut should not be involved in such a thing, it is not their problem if people mix up their food, the Rabbanut has more important issues, they should not be becoming a "big brother"-type system, etc.
Wow, who would have thought burekas could be so controversial!
Well, with burekas being so controversial, and Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau being surprisingly controversial, the most natural thing to do would be to connect Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau with the Burekas Reform!
And sure enough, he has not disappointed!
Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau reportedly announced today on Channel 2 news that he is considering scrapping the Great Burekas Reform of 2013. Not because Burekas is too fattening of a food and he is planning instead to ban it completely based on the obligation to protect one's health, but because the bakers organization says that the reforms are too difficult and costly to implement. It is very expensive to change the triangle burekas into a square, the square into a rectangle and the circle into a triangle, or whatever.
Why they cannot just switch machines and put the pareve ones in the square cutter and the dairy ones in the triangle cutter I do not know, but that is the claim..
As a result of the difficulties in implementation, and in order to avoid causing tremendous financial loss to the bakers, Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau is freezing the Burekas Reform and will reevaluate the entire issue.
(source; Srugim)
In the meantime, perhaps the bakeries should just implement a better labeling system, to do their part in avoiding mixups between dairy and pareve items among their customers.
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