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The Gravity Brush

By Eatsleepgolf @eatsleepgolf
The Gravity Brush Here's a sneak peak at the newest golf product hitting the market, the Gravity Brush.  Manufactured by our friends at Goose Golf Solutions, the new Gravity Brush is the latest in golf club cleaning technology.  With features such as a refillable water chamber, soft and firm bristles and the smart water release system, this a must have for any golfer.
At first I wasn't 100% sold on the concept and/or need for this type of product, but after clipping it onto my bag and playing a couple rounds, I've lost count of how many times I've been happy I had it.  I largely underestimated how quickly the grooves on clubs get filled with grass and dirt.  Being able to keep clubs and grooves clean and in optimal playing condition is an invaluable solution.
The smart release water system that is incorporated into the Gravity Brush is what really helps separate it from from similar products currently on the market.  This is hands down the best club cleaning brush I've ever seen, and I'm excited for it to be hitting the market.
As with all new products, we'd love to hear any and all feedback relating to the Gravity Brush, it's design, functionality, durability etc.  So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive; an extended 'golf clap' on a job well done to the Goose Golf team.
About Goose Golf
Goose Golf Solutions is a manufacturer of quality golf accessories.  Along with the innovative Goose Towel, the Gravity Brush is expected to be another hit golf accessory to help golfers keep their equipment in optimal playing condition.  For more information on Goose Golf Solutions please visit:

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By Brendon T Moylan
posted on 29 September at 03:00

would be OK if it worked !! no water comes out?