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The Garden Press Event

By Danielcarruthers

The Garden Press Event

    The Garden Press Event 23rd February 2017 * Stephanie's Blog * Stephanie Donaldson

    The Garden Press Event takes place in February - it's when we garden writers get a chance to have a look at the latest products, plants and trends. I've picked out some of the things that caught my eye - things I would like, products I will use or would recommend.

    The Garden Press Event

    1st Class Potting Compost
    Regular blog readers will know that I'm a great fan of Sylvagrow potting compost - I have found it consistently good and will drive some distance to stock up on it. So I was very pleased to see that from March they will be selling a Soil Association approved organic version of the compost. You can do a search on your computer to find your nearest stockist by putting 'Find Sylvagrow' into your search engine and a map will pop up. I did and discovered there is now a supplier much closer to home.

    The Garden Press Event

    A Cross Between a Shepherd's Hut and a Shed?
    The Posh Shed Company is launching the new Tin Hat Modular Shed Range this year for those who like their sheds to look understated and functional. This company constantly innovates and it will be interesting is these prove as popular as their 'beach hut' sheds.

    The Garden Press Event

    For Gardeners with no Gardens
    It was noticeable how many of the displays featured houseplants and houseplant containers - in recognition of the many people have nothing more than a balcony, windowsill, or no outdoor space at all. Burgon & Ball had a great range of ceramic containers for indoor plants, including the ultimate space savers - hanging pots.

    The Garden Press Event
    The Garden Press Event

    Tools You Will Never Lose
    The Flora Brite range, also from Burgon & Ball, has hand tools in neon pink and fluorescent yellow. For anyone who is in the habit of putting tools down and then spending far too long trying to locate them (me!), these are a great idea. The gloves even have fluorescent strips on them, so they will glow in the dark - although I'm not sure that I've ever needed to extend my search into the night.

    The Garden Press Event

    In the Spotlight
    Elho, the Dutch maker of recycled plastic pots and containers, combines a planter and its own solar-powered light in one with its Flower Light. An attractive addition to a garden table as the light fades - the soft glow won't replace outdoor lighting, but it may encourage you to linger a bit longer.

    The Garden Press Event

    No More Weightlifting
    If your garden tools are heavy and cumbersome, it may be time to look for lightweight alternatives. After all, we are all different sizes and strengths and there is no point in using energy working with something made for someone twice your size and strength. The Kent & Stowe 'Garden Life' range combines traditional looks with up to 40% weight reduction.

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