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The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Devil and the Four by Sam Siciliano

By Pamelascott

Sherlock Holmes's latestcase takes him to Paris in pursuit of Marguerite Hardy: a Frenchwoman who fledher London home in mysterious circumstances. Holmes discovers she left after receivinga mysterious letter, containing an obituary and the words "four for thedevil". Holmes's investigations will take him and his cousin, HenryVernier, into a world of seduction and betrayal - and lead them to uncover asecret buried for over twenty years.


[Sherlock Holmes and the lion stared at one another]


(TitanBooks, 7 August 2018, 336 pages, copy from the publisher and voluntarilyreviewed)



This is my first time reading the author. This bookwas a decent but I was disappointed Watson doesn't appear. How can you haveHolmes without Watson? What on earth is the world coming to? The Holmes in thisbook is very different from the original books and stories. I must admit thisput me off a bit. I've read all of the original Holmes books and stories andnumerous continuations. The new work is much better when Holmes isrecognisable. I didn't like how different he is in this book. I missed hisimpressive deductions ( I concur that you walked here by the third lane onthe right over there based on the chalk dust on your left lapel). Holmes ismore emotional in this book. I enjoyed that he's developed as a character but Imissed some favourite traits from Conan Doyle's originals. I loved the fact thebook is set in Paris. The city is well drawn. This was a lot of fun to readthough not quote Holmes enough for me.

Further Adventures Sherlock Holmes: Devil Four Siciliano

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