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The Friday Shop

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen

The Friday Shop

Sale Alert

Thank to you readers, I learned about Miami Fitwear leggings and shorts and I am in love. The fabric is so cool - it's soft and stretchy and comfy but doesn't stretch out and washes really well. I wear a size large and they don't ride down, don't give me muffin top, and the 7/8 length is a perfect full legging on my 5'3″ self. They are my favorite leggings now for riding the Peloton.

Did I mention the badass prints? Soooo good (though they also offer solids). They also go up to 4XL and have men's and kids options. I know they're not cheap, but this is a small woman of color-owned business in Texas and the quality is excellent (I have a pair of several-month old shorts that still look and fit like new). But also, Miami Fitwear has given Wardrobe Oxygen readers 15% off one purchase with promo code WARDROBEOXYGEN15. Yesssss thank you Raquel and your fab team!

Nécessaire is offering Wardrobe Oxygen readers 10% off their orders through Sunday with promo code WARDROBE10. I am a fan of this high-quality sustainable body care brand. I use their , body lotion, , , and my husband loves their .

Nécessaire uses skincare-quality ingredients for its body care, and has plenty of sustainable measures in place. They use 85% post-consumer waste boxes and 100% recyclable paper for shipments. Nécessaire only works with FSC-certified vendors and no virgin forest materials are ever used.

I think their Body Treatment Set is a great way to experience what I find to be the most unique and transformative products from Nécessaire. This set is a $70 value for $55 (and then 10% off with WARDROBE10) and these are products where a little goes a very long way (one container lasts me for months). The kit has:

  • The Body Serum - a Hyaluronic Acid treatment - hydrates, replenishes, and plumps the deeper layer of skin.
  • The Body Lotion - a multi-vitamin treatment - moisturizes, nourishes, and strengthens the outer layer of skin.

I know some mix these two products together; what I do is use the Serum on my super dry places - elbows, knees, that sort of thing. I also use it on my shoulders and upper arms so they stay looking glowy and supple for when temps rise and they're exposed. I then use the Body Lotion over all of me. Sometimes I just use the Serum and then top it with Neutrogena Body Oil, sometimes I go all out and battle winter skin with all three and sit in my robe and let it all soak in for a body equivalent to a deep conditioning treatment. Both products from Nécessaire are unfragranced and absorb nicely.

The Friday Shop

ELOQUII has a sale that started yesterday and ends today and if you haven't checked it out yet you MUST. The entire site is $25-$55! Use code SHOPNEW at checkout; the ELOQUII website explains this "Feb Frenzy" sale in more detail!

The Friday Shop

Athleta has up to 60% off sale and the selection is pretty great. There is a good range of sizes and you can find items for all seasons and activities, not just old winter stuff they want to get rid of.

The Friday Shop
Wearing Soma Activewear which is no longer in stock likely because it's so awesome. Seriously. Now go check out this sale!

Through the end of the month, Soma has 30% off purchases of $150 and more, and for those orders under $150, you'll get 15% off. I think by now you know I am a Soma fan. My favorites:

  • The Soma Embraceable Brief has been my go-to the past few months. They're soft, breathable, don't give major VPL, are pretty, and come in great colors and prints. You can buy them individually or 6 for $39 (and then the promo sale on top of that)
  • The SOMAWKND Soft Jogger is a favorite. I didn't have it in my joggers review because I had their old version and needed to get a new pair. Well I have a new pair and I love them. They are so soft, the drawstring actually cinches now, they wash great. I have two colors and just ordered a third. If you'd like a matched set, this hoodie is a great choice; I also have it and love it.
  • I swear by Soma's Cool Nights sleepwear. I find them more cooling and comfortable than bamboo and the prints are so good.
  • If you have a large bust, this is IMO, the best wireless comfort bra for larger cup sizes. It lifts and separates and is comfortable.
  • My smaller bust friends swear by this tank for looking like a tank while offering great support and great comfort.
  • I love this tank for a base layer; it's thin but opaque, one side is a v-neck, one side is a scoop.
  • And these leggings are not what I expected but I love them. They are very fitted and not thick, but completely opaque and move with you. They're my favorite to wear under dresses because there is no bulk.

What I Bought and What I Thought

The Friday Shop

I shared a photo on Instagram last week showcasing this sweatshirt, bracelet, and earrings. The sweatshirt is old and from Gap. I really wish Gap would bring this back, in their full size range, but this time gender neutral fit and with pockets. I haven't seen a similar sweatsuit in a good range of sizes; this hoodie (there are matching joggers) from TomboyX is the closest concept.

But the jewelry is available; they are from Sorrelli. I am wearing the Hoopla Earrings in Prism and the Cadenza Slider Bracelet in Prism. I wish I knew about these when I wrote my post about where to shop for rainbow fashion as they would have been perfect in the collages! The quality is really excellent; this isn't fast fashion plastic gems jewelry. And I like how the bracelet is a slider so it fits a variety of wrists (my daughter steals mine all the time).

As an ambassador Chico's, I am able to pick a few things each month from the retailer to style for Instagram. A few things you will see on Instagram, and some you may not, and my thoughts:

The Friday Shop

This photo is on my Instagram. This is the kind of photo I don't usually share because let's be honest, you can't see any of the clothes. But I shared it because while I didn't feel cute in this look, I think the clothes are actually quite lovely.

The Friday Shop

See? I am way cuter sitting on the stairs than posing on them. Use this as a reminder when you see super cute stuff online. How are they posed? What props are they using? A great pose can hide a lot. And while none of these pieces suck (see below for full details), they weren't doing it for me on me.

I'm wearing this jacket in 2 petite, this sweater in 2, these jeans in 2, , and the shoes are from Allbirds (you asked, an Allbirds review is coming next week).

  • The jacket was a piece Chico's wanted to promote this month and invited me to pick the color of my choice and style it how I liked (preferably with a pair of their jeans). There were more colors available earlier in the month; it has been a popular piece. I went with navy thinking it was classic but now wish I went with a lighter color. It's a lightweight faux suede fabric and feels great on and is machine washable, but it is not my style. I struggled to style it in an "Alison" manner. I also didn't like the gold ring on the buttons; again I think the buttons wouldn't have bothered me if I went with a lighter color. But don't get me wrong this isn't a bad jacket, the online reviews rave, it's just not an Alison jacket.
  • The jeans are awesome... but they didn't come in petite and I had these cuffed a LOT. I folded them up super wide, then cuffed that up, and then tucked some into the cuff. If they were petite and still long I would pay to have them hemmed to the right length, but because they're not petite they're a bit long in the rise. But if you like the idea of the faded/distressed denim trend of this spring but want an easy pull-on comfy jean, check these out. They're called jeggings but I felt these fit like a slim jean. They're really nice and truly comfy.
  • I don't get diamond-shaped scarves. I can never tie them right. They seem so sloppy, unrolling and unfolding, and edges everywhere. Clearly, it's an Alison issue as they appear to be gaining in popularity. The only way I could make this work was by folding it into a long strip and knotting every so often to create a necklace from it. Pretty print, though.
  • This sweater is great. It's a spring weight, but not transparent. The stripes are dark navy, nice width, the neckline is called bateau but my bra straps don't show. It has a curved hem that looks good untucked but gives you length if you wish to tuck. Plus, it's machine washable but looks like something with instructions to hand wash and lie flat. This piece is in my closet ready to be worn again.
The Friday Shop

I style two looks from Chico's New Arrivals each month and promote one on social. The other I can promote if I wish. I didn't promote the second because it didn't end up the way I envisioned. A little blogging behind the scenes...

So Chico's also wanted to promote their black and white collection. I don't know if other bloggers and influencers do this, but when I make picks from brands I have a concept in my head of what the story is, and I want that story to fit with my personal style but also with your needs for your wardrobe. I chose this boyfriend blazer, liking that it was ponte and washable and had pockets. I envisioned styling it with leggings and a refined tee to show you don't have to resort to sweats for comfy athleisure.

  • This blazer runs narrow in the body. It's one of those no-closure styles, but it also lacks that extra fabric that comes with a blazer with closures. Because of that, it opens easily showing the unlined interior. It kept sliding into my armpits and I wish I sized up (I went with my standard size 2). I seem to be in the minority, most of the reviews are positive.
  • The cropped leggings are nice; they are a heavier weight which offers a bit of compression and squat-friendly opacity. The fabric has a subtle ribbed finish which also camouflages. They have side pockets and kept their shape (I kept them on all day, even under a dress we photographed after this look). They have more of an athletic look, but could work for everyday wear with a nice fleece or casual knit top. I recommend sizing down; I have them in size 1 when I usually wear 2 and it's a perfect choice.
  • Not seen, is this ballet-neck top. The fabric is smooth, silky, and cool feeling and looks super refined. This is the kind of top you can wear under a blazer to the office. I got it in white, size 2. It sat weird on me. I think the wider neckline and my large bust were an off combination for me. I was planning to wear it under the blazer, but it just didn't look right. I think if it came in petite, it would have been a winner. If you like longer short sleeves and refined knits to wear alone or under blazers and cardigans, this is worth a look.
  • Instead, I ended up wearing one of Chico's microfiber tanks, which I own a few. They're great tanks and like the ballet-neck top, are refined enough to wear under pieces to business casual workplaces, while being thin enough to be a great base layer.
The Friday Shop

And finally, Soft Surroundings reached out inviting me to try them. I ordered a dress, mask, and earrings and they asked if I'd like to also get their Santiago Dress in any color or length I desired. I got it in navy, size Large Petite. They hoped I'd style it.

While this dress is a super versatile piece that could use any of the suggestions I've done before on how to style a navy maxi dress or how to style a maxi dress seven ways, I love it for another reason. It's a great lounge dress.

Sure, I know the nap dress is a hot trend right now, but this grown-ass woman with large grown-ass boobs has no desire to wear a smocked bodice and Holly Hobbie shoulder ruffles. And did you know most of those nap dresses are sans pockets? THIS, my friends, is my kind of nap dress.

  • It has pockets.
  • It has a tank style top, so it will cover my bra straps if I choose to wear one, or will stay in place and not showcase all my cleavage if I choose to go without. And if I choose a bra, it has those little loops to keep my bra straps from peeking out.
  • The fabric is soft, but not spongey so it doesn't cling or hang weird. It's thin, but not at all transparent, has nice drape, and is easy care (machine wash, tumble dry).
  • The large petite hits just above the tops of my feet, giving me plenty of coverage but I won't trip going up the stairs.
  • It is sort of a swing style, so it's not too voluminous in the torso, but there's enough fabric in the skirt to move, to curl up on the couch comfortably, and yes, to even nap.
  • You can wear it now with shearling slippers and a long cardigan or come warmer months with Birkenstocks.
  • You can wear it outside the house; I think it would be cute with a denim jacket and maybe belted.

This dress comes in six colors, petite, tall, and plus sizes up to 3X. And Soft Surroundings seems to have shut down all their affiliate programs so I won't make a dime from sharing this rave. I'm just a fan.

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