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The Free-will Choice

By Mba @mbartoloabela

On one side of our lives is God the Father, the Alpha and Omega of the universe, with His infinite life, light and love; together with the peace, joy, hope, love and happiness of Heaven: infinite bliss for eternity. On the other side of our lives is Satan, the prince of the abyss and  of this world, with his ceaseless death, darkness and hatred, together with the lies, betrayal, anguish, hopelessness, despair, conflict and torment of Hell: infinite, unimaginable damnation and torture for eternity.

In the midst of our lives is the territory of our own free will: that territory which is generally pressured by various agents, external and internal, turning it into a veritable battleground of decision-making, in relation to the fate of our eternal souls, so that we do not cave in to the path of least resistance. But despite all rationalizations of ‘attenuating circumstances’ that many, if not most, of us like to ever so diligently come up with, on having to make a decision, it is vital to remember that our wills can never be overridden without our express consent – not even under circumstances entailing the pressure of extreme coercion. For, in both essence and fact, we still retain the freedom to choose what our actions and behaviors shall be – we retain free will – even in the severest of circumstances, unless we are seriously mentally challenged.

Given such an immutable and universal reality, therefore, whom are we going to choose to live with, throughout the course of our earthly lives: God the Father or Satan? Every time we do not actively unite our wills with that of our Father, by default we end up uniting them with the will of Satan, even though we may believe otherwise, because when we decide to meet what the world desires on its own terms, we essentially serve as Satan’s mini-agents on earth, since he is the ruler of this world. Being ‘in the middle of the road’ does not exist, no matter how much we may fool ourselves into believing otherwise (under the rationalization of being ‘reasonable’), because, in essence, we are either living internally to our Father’s Divine Will or we are not; it is as simple as that. In the latter case, given that we are not ‘for Him,’ we are either by default or deliberately ‘against Him,’ despite our ceaseless arguing in this respect.

So we need to start deeply reflecting on the vital issue of whom are we going stand with, live with and live for, in the course of our earthly lives, because at stake is the fate of our immortal souls. We need to seriously consider the spiritual consequences of each and every one of our choices, from within the structure of the aforementioned context, to make truly informed choices about our eternal fate. For the choice of both the present and the future is solely ours: it depends uniquely upon our own free wills (except for minors), and many of us know very well that we will ultimately only reap that which we have sown.

(Source: The Divine Heart of God the Father, 2nd rev. ed.).


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