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The Fox And The Cat

By Itellyouastory

It happened that the cat  met the fox in a  forest, and as she thoughtto herself: «He is clever  and full of experience,  and much esteemed inthe world,» she spoke to him  in a friendly way.

«Good  day, dear MrFox,  how are you? How is all with you? How are you getting on in thesehard times?» The fox, full of all  kinds of arrogance, looked at  thecat from head  to foot, and for a long time did not know whether hewould give any answer or not.

At last he said: «Oh,  you wretchedbeard-cleaner, you piebald  fool, you hungry mouse-hunter, what can yoube thinking of? Have you the  cheek to ask how I  am getting on? Whathave you learnt? How  many arts do  you understand?» «I understand butone,» replied the cat, modestly. «What  art is that?» asked the fox.«When the  hounds are following me, I can  spring into a tree and savemyself.» «Is that all?» said the fox. «I am master of a hundred arts,and have into the  bargain a sackful of cunning. You  make me sorry foryou; come with me, I will teach you how people get away  from thehounds.»


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