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The Fourth Trimester

By Chaayen
The Fourth Trimester

To refresh our memories of the "painful fourth trimester", the Hubs and I took the opportunity to watch a play by the Checkpoint Theatre. Personally, I felt the most painful trimester was the fourth - the confinement, the continuous sweating from the confinement food (which was missed out in the play, haha) and the breastfeeding (gosh I hated it and it went on for 10 months). Lack of sleep and the changes in the body was also pretty difficult to bear. 

Interestingly, now that the little one is nearing 2, I have pretty much forgotten these dark days and the play sort of reminded me what was coming (again). The script is highly relatable at so many points and the strong cast managed to bring out quite a bit of emotions in me. I did sniffle at a few parts because it did feel like we were looking at our own story.

The Fourth Trimester

If you are a parent yourself, you will know that no birth story is the same. However, they tend to share a lot of similarities which is why women bond when they talk about pregnancy, childbirth and their kids. The stage and props was also very realistically set up. The never-ending laundry that is waiting to be folded (still the case) just triggered me somehow. There was a point I had an urge to storm on stage to fold them. LOL!
The Hubs, I have to say, probably educated himself very well during the first pregnancy - pointing out the Spectra to me and even commenting on some baby's gear such as the rocker, white noise soother which could have the made the screen parents life easier. Did I say maybe he had a bit of guilt too because he even offered to help out a lot more at home after watching the play!
The Fourth Trimester

The show was truly quite an enjoyable watch for us and we would recommend to all parents/ parents to-be if you would like a teaser of what is to come. The show was slightly longer than what we preferred because it touched base on too much scenarios and thought maybe 2 of ladies' characters could be combined into 1. 
The play is showing until 14th Aug and the price range between $40 to $80. If you have passion card (which I have cos it always give great discounts), you can get 10% off your tickets

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