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The Forum Post You Must Read to Believe

Posted on the 12 March 2018 by Worldwide @thedomains

The forum post you must read to believe

If you are into domaining and perhaps you also like a good Aaron Sorkin movie like “A Few Good Men” or “The Social Network” then you need to spend some time, and it will take a bit of time, to read the story of on Namepros.

Everything is encompassed in this story, from forum trolls taking pleasure in a well known broker getting scammed, to Network Solutions being Network Solutions and just removing a domain without even notifying the owner it’s being removed. In a move you never saw coming, you will see the buyer who got scammed, getting the domain back, the real owner who now has gotten scammed come into the thread and blast everything that moves, threatening to sue all parties involved.

You will see John Berryhill give some great commentary and then another member come in an tell Berryhill that some of his points were wrong and they duke it out for several posts.

You will see the KYC (Know Your Customer) function be called out for failure in this case.

This is a post you must read, it brings up a lot of points that you should ponder about your own portfolio, sales efforts and security.

This is one of the most interesting and I would say important forum threads in a long time.

TL,DR James Booth paid $25,000 plus escrow for, the domain was taken out of his account, he was scammed and the KYC did not prevent it. He got legal team involved, investigated for 3 months and gave him the name back. The real owner (22 years of ownership) came to Namepros saying she was scammed. Booth posted he proposed a solution. Trust me read the thread.

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